Tuesday, April 17, 2007

e-tivity 7

Let’s wiki on a public wiki!

You all can be considered knowlegeable wiki users after our telecollaboration experience using the wiki last semester. However, at least in my opinion, to have a true sens of wiki-ing the wiki has to be public. In other words, not only can anyone in the world read what you've written, but they can edit and comment on what you've written as well. This is what a wiki is all about: sharing knowledge within a large, even global, community. I look forward to getting feedback from you on the differences between the experience last semester with tulanepadovaXchange wiki and the experience this semester with EduTech wiki.

Have fun wiki-ing!


Purpose: To contribute to a public wiki on educational technologies to better understand what wiki-ing is about and to reflect on and write about what you’ve learned so far in this course.


1 – Go to edutech wiki. Take a look around. Read the various introductions, notes to editors, editing rules, etc. Click on the All Pages button on the left and take a look at some of the pages on the wiki to better understand their style and structure.

2 – Choose a page you’d like to contribute to. You’re more than welcome to contribute to a page together, i.e. to collaborate before posting your contribution. Just make sure each one of you adds something of their own. You can communicate online via one of your personal blogs or using the "Discussion" function on the wiki. If you would like to work alone, please choose a page that already has content so that you are integrating your knowledge into existing knowledge. If you decided to work in groups of 2 or 3 you are welcome to open a new page.

3 – Write a comment to this post letting us all know which page you intend to edit, and if you're a group, who is part of the group.

4 – Start taking notes about what you are going to write. Search the Net for sources to back up what you would like to say (and don’t only use Wikipedia as a resource!). If you search, for example, in Google looking only for the domain .edu and the filetype .pdf, you will most likely find academic papers on your topic. Of course you can always use del.icio.us :-)

5 – Write your contribution in a Word file (to make sure you've got a copy of it!) and then paste it into the wiki. Be clear and concise and remember to cite your sources. If you weren't in class, all you have to do is register (upper right-hand corner) and then click on the “edit” button on the page you’d like to edit, then copy your text into the wiki and click on the “save” button. And voilà you’ve contributed to a wiki.

Respond: No respond this week. I'd like you to concentrate on searching the Web for good sources, carefully writing, etc. We will “Respond” in class next week! Of course, you're more than welcome to comment and reflect on the experience on your personal blogs, just to keep them updated, of course ;-)

Timeline: Monday, April 23


Alessandra P said...

Erica Buzz and I would like to edit the "Blog" page on Edutech Wiki, focusing in particular on the "Educational Usages" and "Teachers' and students' approaches to educational blogs" sections.

Alessandra P. and Erica Buzz

ilaria said...

I'd like to edit the page on 'social bookmarking'

Viola said...

I'm going to edit the Collective writing page!Love,

Ale T. said...

I decided to edit the Tagging page!


Alida said...

Dear Sarah,
I read you want us to write our contributions as Word files but I was wondering if this may cause some problems. While reading the editing rules I found some interesting suggestions on the way to include quotations. So my question is: if we write our ideas on a word file how can we expect these "tricks" to work properly?
I hope to hearing from you soon
best wishes

Alida said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shoun (aka Tania) said...

Shoun and Elena are going to edit the Informal Learning page.
Elena and Tania

Her Royal Highness Susanne said...

Hi everybody!
As Alessandra and Erica I would like to edit the Blog page concentrating on the section of Blog rules. Obviously only if it is okay for Alessandra and Erica, otherwise let me know and I will do something else.

See you,

Alessandra P said...

Ooops! Sorry, Susanne, I read your comment only this morning and I had already written a short paragraph on Blogging etiquette. Anyway, you're welcome to edit/develop it, or choose another one. I hope it won't be a problem.


Her Royal Highness Susanne said...

Hi Alessandra!
There is absolutely no problem, don't worry!:-) I will add some information to what you wrote because I found some interesting information about blog rules for teachers and students. If you do not like my contribution please feel free to edit or delete it!
C u,

Lamericaana said...

Dear Alida,

The only reason I suggesting writing it in a Word file is so that you have a copy with it. You never know when technology is going to fail you so I ifnd it wise to always have a copy. Of course you're welcome to write directly on the wiki. Either way is fine.