Friday, April 13, 2007

Problem...or misunderstanding...

Prof Sarah!!! First of all Happy Easter...I have a small problem...I put on my blog the article: "Ban cyber-bullying clips, Johnson to urge websites" taken from The Guardian Unlimited. It quoted websites like YouTube and I received a comment from a member of who was quite angry about my quotation!!! This has no sense because I didn't write this article and I put the referencies...I would like to answer him back but it's impossible! What can I do, Sarah?!


Alessandra P said...

Dear Tania, I had a look at and it looks like a serious site. Maybe you could add a couple sentences to your post, to make it extra clear that you were simply quoting an article from the Guardian, not giving your personal opinion about that site. I hope this helps.

Lamericaana said...

Dear Tania,

I don't think the comment was an attack against you, I think it was in defense of the man's website. Our different 'interpretations' may very well be due to the fact that I am a native speaker.
When I clicked on his name, his profile is not available - which is not good blogging etiquette in my opinion.
To sum up, you did everything you could clearly citing and linking to the reference. It is clear they are not your words. Don't worry, I presume they've had difficulties since the article was published and are trying to defend themselves.


Shoun (aka Tania) said...

Dear Prof Sarah!
I agree with you when you say that I misunderstood what he wrote because I'm not a native speaker!!I thought ha was angry with me and I was afraid of possible consequences!!
Thank you for your explanation!