Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Feedback: e-tivity 5, Step 1

Here you are, let's see if you can
1 - find the mistakes
2 - correct them ;-)

explained us
I think this is a great resource, because you collect in a safe place all the web pages you like or need
So, people, why don’t use it?
This week we got to know with feeds aggregators, in particular bloglines.
all you want to know about is there
websites where information are updates regularly, i.e. newspaper on-line, blogs and the like
many website
playlist, but I couldn't), so I thought
it is really conveniece
to take advantage from it
more efficaciously
informed on whatever subject
added new sites on my network
add them on your list
waisting time while doing a research
syndacation fees
lies on the fact
automatically adviced thrugh Internet
This means the possibility to use this time doing something else and surfing through the Web.
First of all we have subscribed to Bloglines, which is a free. After creating an account on Bloglines we have started adding fees. Fees are our favourite websites and blogs: an aggregator is the programme which collects each update from our favourite blogs and website and enables our reading.

we can create even playlists, where blogs and websites belonging either to the same topic or semantic area can be collected and then viewed
I'm interesting in
changes (and what changes!?) have been done
As it has already happen the previous e-tivities, when we were asked to learn to use new tools, even this time I had little problems at first.
without getting crazy
It is a new (for me!) way for surfing the net and checking new information of your favourite websites and blogs: the aggregators such as Bloglines!

However, I think that I won’t often use aggregators out of this class because I have not a blog, I do not regularly take part to blog discussions and I keep in touch with my friends abroad only using Messenger, Skype or Bebo, therefore I surf the net just only when I am looking for some specific information.
go into trouble
What I did was adding all classmates
spare huge amounts of time
but being the tool userfriendly I will use it for personal purposes too.
look for updates from every computer
Hope to hearing from you soon
accustomed to use it,
My computer knowledge is improving day by day and I am very happy about that.
you do not have to go to your favorite websites and check them out everyday but you get informed when new information is added.
Websites which are regularly updated offer the possibility to subscribe to their site and consequently news aggregators visit the site and collect new information for you.
One interesting site I subscribed
if you subscribe you will be able to choose from a huge list the topics that interest you
Tuesday I lost Sarah's explanation on how to use this aggregator
following either her instructions and those posted by Sarah
What a GREAT feeling, in the end it wasn't that difficult!!!
most of times
without fearing to lose everything
worked out to you
A new mission for us this week, but I'm getting used to that, I'm becoming more self-confident, or maybe just resigned!
Anyway this week task was not so difficult, on the contrary, to tell the truth, it was easy!
I'm sure I'll use feeds aggregators as much as I can also after this English course has finished!

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