Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feedback: News Feed Aggregator

Alida and Alexandra have edited the News Feed Aggregator page.


Alessandra P said...
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alex said...

Dear ali,

I'm editing our page on the edutech-wiki. Hope you will check the page soon so that we can talk about it!As you know I'm studying a lot those days for my exam...


Alida said...

dear Alex,
we already discussed about the p ages and the feedbacks in class. Indeed Martina and I made the corrections on our page right there. Our new task is that of giving feedbacks and suggestions to Martina and Erica's page.
Let me know if you have any problems.
How was the exam?
I hope everything was ok.
See you next week! Have a nice weekend!

martina said...

Dear Alida and Alex,

Sorry for not having written you earlier, but I’ve been very busy these days.

I and Erica read your contribution to the News Feed Aggregator page and I must say that you did a good job, also because it’s not easy to write something enjoyable about this topic.

As far as language mistakes are concerned, I and Alida (Erica had to go before the end of the lesson) discussed and corrected them in class. So, what can I say? Your page is clear, simple and well-organized – as a wiki page should be…Moreover, I really appreciated the picture you put in the page (the Farmer model), because it describes how a feed aggregator work.

Anyway, some improvements are possible. For example, you can add your opinions about Bloglines or some pieces of information in the Software section, writing two or three lines about each tool.


Ale T. said...

Dear Alida, dear Alexandra,
I read your contribution and I found it interesting and clear.

However, I think that some other improvements could be made. Perhaps I would list in the second section the advantages of news feeds aggregator, explaining better the short sentence of the descriptive section which refers to them (...and... are there any disadvantages?). Moreover I would introduce the software paragraph with some explanations to the lists presented there...it could be useful for those who are not so familiar with words such as browser extensions, integrated client-side web applications, portals!

That’s all! I hope my suggestions will be useful for your work!

Viola said...

Dear Alida and Alex,
you certainly did a good job! The description you made is very clear, but Farmer's model totally confused me! I got completely lost! Maybe you could explain it a little bit!

Elena said...

Dear Alida and Alex,
You added a lot of information comparing the former version and I think you did a very good job.
However, I think that Farmer's quotation is a bit too long and you could maybe summarize it.

Shoun (aka Tania) said...

Hi girls! I think your contribution is well done but I don't understand why you put the internal links to: webtops and personal learning environments!


Her Royal Highness Susanne said...

Hi girls!
First of all I have to say that you did a great job. It is not easy to explain how feed aggregatores work but you managed to do it very well. Some suggestions: when you use inverted comas I suppose that you use someone else's words. It would be better to cite the source "Most of the biggest names.... (source, year). Moreover, you could split the second paragraph of 'What's (I would rather write What is) the aim of feed aggregators?. 'Feed applications can be either free...' could be a new paragraph. This way the paragraphs would all be more or less of the same lenght.
Good work!
See you

ilaria said...

Dear Alida and Alex,
you really did a good job: you added a lot of new and interesting information and you did it in a clear and effective way!
The 'farmer model' is an original idea to describe how feed aggregators work, but, as Viola said, you would better add a few lines to explain it!
Anyway I think ypur contribution was really useful to improve the page!

Alessandra P said...

Dear Alexandra and Alida,

I think you did a good job on this page. It's nice to have a picture (the Farmer model), but I find it a bit confusing so maybe you could explain it in more detail.
I second Susanne's suggestions.

See you in class,

Alida said...

Dear Tania,
Just to answer your question I'd say that it was Mr Schneider who included Webtops and personal learning. I'm not really sure why he decided to do so but I'm trying to write a brief explanation according to my ideas. I hope that you'll be satisfied.

Erica Buzz said...

Dear Alexandra and Alida,

I think you did a good job o this page. Like Ale Peron and Ilaria I think you should explain the Farmer model a bit more. The idea of including a scheme is really good because it can help the reader understand but more explanations should help more. Furthermore I think you should add more references to the page.

Lamericaana said...

You've clearly gained a clearer idea of what feed aggregators are. Just one comment: I think there are a few too many quotations. You need to work more on summarizing and paraphrasing and then referencing rather than just using direct quotes.

Job well done.