Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feedback: Search Engine

Martina and Erica have edited the search engine page.


Alida said...

Dear Martina and Erica,
I read your contribution to the wiki page with interest.
As far as language mistakes are concerned we discussed them in class, therefore I'm not going to write them again in this comment. Erica, probably you don't understand what I'm talking about, but martina and I have already corrected them in class.
On the other hand there are a couple of things that you wrote I could not understand properly:
1. what do you mean with "title only"?
2. what is a "sister engine"?
Perhaps you should describe them a bit better as the page is also addressed to students who do not know the topic very well. In addition I think you should add the dates of the articles next to the authors'names. i believe quotations to be extremely important.
Finally I'd say that your contributions are clear and interesting. I learnt a lot of new information about search engine. I didn't even know there existed so many different types.
What you wrote was clear and precise and I'm sorry I can't add anything else but the fact that Martina and I were without our partners in class let us work faster.
By the way you made a good job!

Ale T. said...

Dear Martina, dear Erica,
Your contribution is really well made! It is complete and clear, the paragraph division makes it easy to be read and the different sections always explain what the title anticipates (it is not so obvious!).

The only thing I could suggest you is to put some further direct reference in the texts; although they are listed at the bottom of the page, sometimes the link next to the quotation could be time saving.


Viola said...

Dear Martina and Erica,
your page is really well done!The only suggestion I'd like to make is to improve the "how to search databases" section with some examples on what to write. Personally, I would understand much better!

Elena said...

Dear Martina,
You really did a good job an wrote many interesting things.
I like the "How to search databases" and "How to improve your search results" sections.
However, there are some one-sentence paraghaphs whcih could be modify.

Shoun (aka Tania) said...

Hi Martina! you really added a lot of new information...well done, therefore, I suggest you to work a bit more on the layout highlighting what is more important. It's just a way to catch other peoples' attention! Then I think that you should work on the way you made links in the references, why didn't you link the title? i.e. serch engine.

Her Royal Highness Susanne said...

Hi girls!
I read your contribution and I have to say that I learnt a lot of interesting things. Like Alida, I did not know that there exist soooo many different search engines. Some suggestions: As Tania pointed out, you could highlight the keywords using dark bold characters. Moreover, when you list the required steps to get information from a search engine you could put them one below the other making a clear, well arranged list. You should also insert more links for example when you cite the BBC article you could link the article or at least the BBC page.
I hope my suggestions are useful.
See you soon,

alex said...

Dear Martina and Erica,

I really liked your contribution and learnt many new things :D!
In order to improve your page I would use bold characters to highlight search types in the 4th paragraph (title only and advanced search) to catch people's attention. Moreover, as you quite often mention google, I would add an external link!

I hope my suggestions will be helpful!


Alessandra P said...

Dear Martina & Erica,

I liked reading your contribution and found it very useful, especially the sections "How to search databases" and "How to improve your search results".

Maybe you could highlight some words in bold, or consider how you could link the page to other articles in this wiki.

See you soon,

ilaria said...

Dear Martina and Erica,
you did a fantastic job, especially considering the fact that before you started editing it, the page was almost empty.
Everything you wrote was clear and I found perticularly interesting the sections 'How to improve your search results' and 'Most used search engines'.
I noticed that Ale p and Tania suggested you to higlight in bold some keywords. This is the same thing Ale p made me motice in her comment to my page!
Just like you I completely forgot this device and I thank Ale for her tip!
I suggest you follow her advice as well!

Erica Buzz said...

Dear Martina and Erica,

I really like the way you improved your page, you added a lot of material and content is very clear.
Some suggestions:
-I would try and find more information on the history of search engine and organize the paragraph so that it doesn't appear to be just a list of information;
-in the paragraph "How to search databases" you should write a few lines before starting with the list of highlitened words, I think the reader would better understand what comes after;
-as other people pointed out I think it might me a good idea to highlighten more words (some paragraphs contain a lot of them while other ones contain none).


Lamericaana said...

Very, very interesting. Job well done :-)
Did you find the tips on the web or are they based on your personal experience?