Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feedback: Social bookmarking

Ilaria has edited the social bookmarking page.


Ale T. said...

Dear Ilaria,
Our pages are complementary (I contributed to the tagging page)!

I think you did a good job, especially in the two sections about educational usage of social bookmarking.

I only suggest you to highlight some words, e.g. in bold, to make the different paragraphs easier to be read and perhaps it could be interersting to add something more in the short descriptions of the examples.

If you want you can look at the references I put in “my” page, there’s something that could be useful to improve your work!


Erica Bergamin said...

Dear Ilaria,
good job, really!!! =)
The only thing I can suggest you is this one: I would move the two citations you put under the "introduction" section to the "definition" section. Look at the Longman definition...don't you think it is exactly what you need to define what social bookmarking is?
Hope this will help you improve your contribution to the EDUTECH WIKI page.

Viola said...

Dear Ilaria,
as I have already told you in class, you did a very nice introduction to summarize the content of the page.
But you still need to check the spelling of some words (of previous contributions) such as "highlited" or "administateors"!

Shoun (aka Tania) said...

Hi Ilaria! I think that in your contribution there is a problem of titles because your introduction corresponds to a definition and the definition paragraph needs another title, don't you think so?! Then you wrote: "According to http://www.educause.edu/, social bookmarking is...", I think that with "according to.." you should put the name of the person who mentioned it instead of the URL.


Elena said...

Dear Ilaria, I agree with our collegues. Like Alessandra I suggest you to highlight some words and would modify a little bit "introduction" and "definition" maybe avoiding one sentence paragraphs.

I dared removing the stub at the beginning of the page,

see you,

Alida said...

Dear Ilaria,
I really like your page and what you wrote. The fact that you added so much information let me say that you really made a good job. Anyway I found some points that I'd correct. Here they are:
- In the introduction you put "as well" in the wrong position. I'm quite sure that it goes at the end of a sentence.
-What is "cludeosly<" in the first definition?
- I think that the first line in the Educational Usage paragraph should go like this: "S.B. like del.icio.us. can be used by students to create..." otherwise it would be a bit too complicated to be understood properly.
- Educational Usage in Language Learning

Alida said...

contains two mistakes:
-on THE internet.
-Social bookmarking ALSO offers...
Also should be placed right after the subject and not the verb.
Ilaria these are just my suggestions and ideas. Maybe you cannot agree with me therefore you don't have to feel obliged to take them into consideration.

Alessandra P said...

Dear Ilaria,

in your contribution I particularly liked the section on "Educational Usage in language Learning".

--the first two sentences/paragraphs in the introductions are actually definitions so maybe you could move them to the following section.
--you could either add other links to the "Links" section, or merge that section to the "Examples" section.

Alessandra P said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention that you could highlight some words in bold to make the page easier to read.

See you in class,

Her Royal Highness Susanne said...

Hi Ilaria!

First of all I have to say that you really did a good job. I like your contribution to the page. Our classmates have added a lot of suggestions and I share their opinions. It was a good idea to write an introduction but maybe some sentences could rather be moved in the definition part (at least one of the two definitions). Moreover, you could highlight the keywords using dark bold characters.
Good job!
c u in class,

alex said...

Dear Ilaria,

I found the part on definition a little bit confusing. You might reoarganize it by adding it to the introduction or moving some sentences - as Susanne suggested. Moreover, using bold characters would help users to read the page easily.

See you soon :)

ilaria said...

Dear Alida,
you wrote:"What is 'cludeosly<'in the first definition". Good question! I've been wondering that, too! And I haven't been able to find it out!
I think the definition section is really confusing. The reason why I didn't edited it and prefered writing two definition of 'social bookmarking' in the new 'introduction' section I had personally created, is that there were many things in the 'definition' section I didn't understand and I didn't know where to start from to edit it! But maybe I gave up too soon, I'll read it more carefully and try to improve it!
Thank you for your advice!

Erica Buzz said...

Dear Ilaria,
I think you've done a good job. There is something however which I find not clear:
-I would avoid the division between Definitions and Introduction or, at least, I would try and link them in some way;
-I would add some information in the paragraph about Example instead of putting just some links;
-I would highlight words which play a key role in the article, so that who's reading can have a general overview of the article while going quickly through it.

martina said...

Dear Ilaria,

good job! Your page is very interesting and clear. Anyway, there are some spelling mistakes (e.g. "practise" instead of "practice").

I would move the definition section before the table of contents - linke in Wikipedia. Moreover, I think you could add something from your personal experience in the example section.


Lamericaana said...

Job well done, Ilaria, especially as you've worked alone. What do you think, however, about adding something about your personal experience and opinions?