Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feedback: Tagging

Alessandra Teso has edited the Tagging page.


Erica Bergamin said...

Dear Alessandra,
I think you really made a good job. Just a couple of things:
1. as regards "definition", I think you should make clear who said and where you find this:"Other usages of tag: A label in syntax used in markup languages like XML to delimit an element."
2. moreover, even though it is funny, I think it is better to avoid using smiles (:)) in such technical text...!
Hope my comment will be useful to improve your page!!

Viola said...

Dear Alessandra,
I think you did a good job! the part on "meta noise" you added is very interesting.
There are some spelling mistakes (e.g. calulate, ridid)
I think you could improve your page by adding your personal experience, maybe under the "why does it work?" section!

Shoun (aka Tania) said...

Hi Ale! I appreciate your work even if I think it's a bit complicated to understand. You should write something more about tagging itself and taxonomies because you wrote a lot only about folksonomies. This is only my point of view, therefore, I appreciated when you added the person (Thomas Vander Wal) who invented the expression "folksonomies".


Elena said...

Dear Ale T. :-)

You really improved the page you chose at lot and I can only suggest you to add another exaple in the "examples" section and maybe highlight some key words in order to make the page easier to read.

Alida said...

Dear Ale,
I think you you made a good job!
Here you are my suggestions:
In the Folksonomy section I'd write "solutions" in Bold in order to be clearer.
Perhaps you should write some more sites in the Example section. Maybe something like flickr or Technorati. They'd probably clarify the tag concept...
Well, they are just ideas of mine so feel free to ignore them.
hugs alida

Her Royal Highness Susanne said...

Hi Alessandra!
I think you did a very good job and you definitely managed it to improve the page. It is often more difficult to add things that simply write a new section. As Viola said, I think it would be a good idea to add something about your personal experience or your opinion.
Well done!:-)
See you,

Alessandra P said...

Hi Alessandra!

I liked your contribution, especially your explanation of folksonomies. I can't really understand why the word tagging is sometimes capitalized in this page. And what about "metadata are ridid"...? I understand it probably wasn't you who wrote it, though.

Other suggestions:
--at least another example in the examples section. I would find it more logical if the Examples were before Links, and not after.
--you could add a link to the Social Bookmarking page on this wiki.

See you soon,

alex said...

Hi Alessandra!

Your page is very well structured and I liked the part on folksonomies... we are learning so many new things!
In order to improve the page I would split the 2nd paragraph - 2.1 advantages, 2.2 disadvantages -into two sections because it would be more eye-catching for the reader.
Moreover, I do completely agree with Erica on smileys.


ilaria said...

Dear Ale,
you really did a good job. I think you gave a good contribution to the page, in particular as far as the sections about 'folksonomies' and 'collaborative tagging' are concerned.
Constructive criticism: you should find at least another example to quote in the 'example' section, and if you don't find any, write your example in the 'discussion' section and delete the 'examples' section.

Erica Buzz said...

Dear Alessandra!
I like your page and the way Tagging is explained. I liked the contribution you made on folksonomies. As Ale Peron pointed out sometimes the word tagging is capitalized.

Some suggestions:
-put further links in the link section;
-you should add the link to the Social Bookmarking page;
-I would add something more in the Definition section instead of writing just that Tags are labels for something.


martina said...

Dear Alessandra,

I like your page and I read it with interest. I think it is well-structured and clear. Ok, there are some small problems with templates/quotations, but I think you can fix them.

I think you could write something personal about tagging and folksonomies (e.g. technorati or del.icio.us).


Lamericaana said...

Excellent work. My professor from the Master's course who taught us about folksonomies would be proud of you ;-) The page is much more exhaustive and complete and I like how different points of view are presented.