Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Help, what is PLE?!

Dear 'everybody who'd like to answer my question',
unfortunately I wasn't in class last Tuesday. A new topic was introduced: PLE.
Also after reading the information about it, I'm not able to understand exactly what it is about: I don't understand if it is about everything that contributes to one's learning or if it is just about learning by the means of technological computer tools like social software.
See you all in class next Tuesday!


Erica Buzz said...

Dear Ilaria,
I know that it can be difficult to understand PLE if you weren't in class last week. Anyway I hope my explanations will help you!

First of all PLE is not a software. PLE is our "Personal Learning Environment", in other words what we have learnt in our life up to now. Sarah introduced this topic because she thought it might be useful in order to write our final paper. I don't know if you had a look to Michael's map on PLE; if you didn't you can have a lokk at it by going on "e-tivity 9" and clicking on "Michele's". This is a blog writtwn by this woman on PLE and I think it helps a lot. Sarah also asked us to draw a map on our PLE; this can be done by using a free software which provides you with a map you just need to fill or by drawing it on paper.
There you can insert what you've learnt in your whole life, or you can decide to make one containing what you've learnt in this course (it's your own decision).
The PLE map should help us reflect on what we have learnt up to now, the meanrs and tools we used to do it, and how the things we have learnt can be useful to us in the future.
Hope I was clear.

Alessandra P said...

Another distinction which is very important for the PLE is the one between formal and informal learning (see that page on Edutech Wiki). The PLE can include both.

ilaria said...

Dear Erika,
thank you for your explanation, I tried to have a look Michael's map but I wasn't able to zoom it so I couldn't read it. I had understoon PLE is not a software, I was wandering if it just concerned personal learning connected with social software or personal learning in general. Anyway, thanks to your comment, I think I have finally understood what it is.
See you in class
Thank you very much!!!

Lamericaana said...

Dear Ilaria,

First of all, thanks to Erika and Alessandra for writing :-)

Susanne wasn't in class either and had similar questions. Since a PLE is personal, you can include whatever you like in it. To simplify you might want to just focus on your language learning, i.e. what have you done in the past to learn languages and what will you do to maintain it after university? Don't just think about your formal education, like books, lessons, or the social software we've studied, but also what you can or do do in your personal life as well.

Hope this helps, if not, write back.

We'll have time to discuss in class on Tuesday anyway.


ilaria said...

Dear Sarah and Ale P,
thank you for answering me, now I have an almost clear idea of what PLE is (also thanks to Erica's comment) and I have understood what I have to do!
See you in class
Bye bye