Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Questions about our final paper

Dear Sarah,

after our lesson yesterday I was under the impression that our assignment is to write down a map for our PLE, but that our final paper is still going to be on our evaluation of the course, what we learned, what we still need to learn, etc. This morning, however, I spoke to Martina, Alessandra T. and Erica Berg and they all seemed to think we are supposed to write our final paper entirely on our PLE. So once and for all, what should this paper be about?

As for the length... when you say three pages do you mean single interline or 1.5? It does make a bit of a difference.

See you in two weeks,
Alessandra P


Lamericaana said...

Oh goodness, sorry about the confusion. I brought up the issue of PLEs because I thought it might help you prepare for the paper. Let's see if I can clarify. What I'm interested in is seeing if and what you think you have learned this year and how you think it might be helpful for you now and after you graduate. In other words, has this been a complete waste of time or has it served you in some way in your learning process? So, it's personal and reflective. The PLE can be a starting point or the discussion point of the paper - it's your choice (sorry for giving you choices!). It's more interesting as a teacher to see what you all come up with rather than assigning you a boring project where you all write the same thing ;-)
As far as the length is concerned, I'd say 5000 characters (spazi inclusi) or 3 pages.
Remember you are sending it to your peers and me for feedback before writing the final draft so that should help.
I hope I've helped answer your question. If something is still unclear, please write other comments. I'll be checking regularly.


ilaria said...

Dear Sarah,
it's all clear now! Just one last thing...or maybe two...As my father will kill me if I download another programme on his computer, I just wanted to be sure I can make the mindmap on a piece of paper!
Finally, I didn't understand where we have to post the first draft of final pepers.
Thank you and sorry for disturbing you again!!!

Lamericaana said...

Dear Ilaria, yes, you can make the mindmap on paper. The technician hasn't gotten back to me yet about whether even he will install the software on the computers so don't worry.
I'm opening another message about the papers.