Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Anna B - E-tivity 2

Hi everybody! It has been quite hard to find an interesting blog on Technorati... The reason was not the lack of topics... well, it was the opposite! I found difficult to find those blogs I was really interested in! My first research, for example, was about Japan... There are so many references, and none of them really matched with my idea! So I tried to be more precise, and this is what I was able to find!
  • And The Winners Are... - Intention Of Attention The first blog is very original! Maybe some of you don't know anything about Ig Nobel Prizes (which are supposed “to honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think.”) so have fun by reading them! It's amanzing to know that someone made scientific research for very ordinary things.
    As the language is concerned, the author simply lists who has won an award and why... He has copied the list from an article written by Alok Jha (The Guardian), but, as he quotes the source, he totally respect the blog-etiquette. The web-page is quite easy to read, as the dark background contrasts with the light colours of the font.
  • Latest News - Good News On Technorati I really appreciate this blog! Finally somebody has decided to write about good news happening every day! I'm so tired to hear about accidents, deaths, wars, and so on... I absolutely don't think that these events aren't important, but we all need good news sometimes... The style used in this blog is formal and in every post I found the precise reference to the article or the web-site where the news has been found. Anyway, I also found few posts written in an informal style, but none of the author used slangs of abbreviations, so that the blog is very easily readable and comprehensible.
  • Dorothy Dunnett Blog by Bill Marshall on Technorati My final choice was to search for a writer who I really enjoy! I'm talking about Dorothy Dunnett, one of the most famous historical novels' writers. I am reading both of her two most famous collections: the first (House of Niccolò) is about sir Nicholas de Fleury, a Belgian tradesman who expands his business in Scotland, England and also in the Arabian territories; the second (Lymond Chronicles) deals with the life and adventures of a clever and very shrewd man during the war between England and Scotland. This blog is about meetings and conventions of Dunnett's fans. The language is more informal than the one used in the two blogs I analyse above, even though I didn't find many colloquial words or expressions.
The three blogs I analysed are all very polite and respect the majority of blog-etiquette's rules! The language isn't vulgar or offensive and it is easy to understand and to read.


sara said...

I agree with you! It's difficult to find blogs about the topic I was interested in! In addition it was the first time that I made such a search, and I didn't know how to move...however, among the blogs you suggest, the second is the one I like most! I think that sometimes it's important to hear some good news, otherwise it's seems that in this world everything is going wrong...and that's not true!
See you soon! bye!

elisac said...

Hi Anna!
I read many blogs before finding something that drew my attention. I agree with Sara, I find your second blog particulary interesting, I read two articles "Plants can save lives" and "Loss of Leg doeasn't stop hunting dog", but there are many other positive news!
I'm sorry that you couldn't open the url of my blogs, for this reason I posted them in the "comment" below my post. I hope they work!
See you,