Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Group J: Giovanna

'Soul kitchen' - photo by inquirer

Hi everyone!

I’m Giovanna and the picture I chose to introduce myself is entitled ‘Soul kitchen’. Even though the picture is black-and-white, it shows a genuine and warm atmosphere. The reason why it drew my eye is that it represents a place which is very important for me: my home. Here I spend a lot of time when I’m not at the university or I’m not going out with my friends and my boyfriend. The room that I like the most is the kitchen because it is the place where I can stay with my family. In particular, I love being at table with them and with my boyfriend, and talking about everyday life and its problems. Moreover, I chose this image because I love eating! In the picture there are also some objects representing my tastes: a teapot and an espresso machine. As you can understand, I love tea, especially with apple, and I also love coffee. However, what is important for me is not only to drink a tea or an espresso, but to share some nice moments with the people I love, and drink something together.

There are many websites which I often visit. The websites I use in my spare time are YOUTUBE, CLAWEB, BLOGGER and MYSPACE.

  • Youtube contains a lot of interesting videos, and even though there are also many stupid videos, I like this site because here I can find some documentaries regarding travelling and different cultures, and some music videos.
  • Claweb is an interesting website that I use to learn languages. In particular, I can find some exercises to improve my English.
  • Blogger is another website that I often visit because I love reading many weblogs belonging to people from all around the world. Moreover, I’m writing a blog with two friends of mine; its name is Lepierucchè and it regards different topics.
  • Myspace is a very interesting website through which I can interact with people from all around the world. Here I created my personal homepage where I often receive comments of many myspace members from different countries.

See you all!

Giovanna Simonato


Fred said...

Hey, Giovanna! I agree with you: the kitchen is one of the warmest rooms in a house, in terms of relationships. I love sitting and eating together with people, because in this kind of context people tend to communicate a lot (if the tv is off!!), more than on the street or in a classroom. I always try to talk to my friends in front of a cup of coffe or something to eat.
It's been a pleasure to read your message. I think we'll meet in front of the coffe machine...bye!

Giovanna S. said...

Hi Federico!
I enjoyed reading your comment,and I'm happy that my message drew your attention. See you soon!