Monday, October 08, 2007

Course Description

Please click here to see a .pdf file of the course description. Read all of the information carefully and, if possible, print the file and keep it with your course documents.


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ElenaCosta said...

Hi Marta!!! I definetely share your love for London! I visited it at the end of high school, but the desire to see it better and to experience again its cosmopolitan atmosphere urged me to spent three days there last was probably the craziest weekend of my life and I have never walked so much, but it was worth it! The website you suggest will be the starting point for my next trip to the British capital, so maybe I will avoid to choose another awful hostel like the one where I stayed! I also think that using buses to travel around the city is a great idea: the underground is surely faster, but you lose the opportunity to see some parts of London that people normally forget(it's not all about monuments!).
I hope you will tell me something more about your stay there!
Love from Elena