Monday, October 08, 2007

Reading for Speaking: 1

Each week on Monday I will give you some reading to do for Wednesday's speaking lessons. This week, for example, we will be discussing blogging etiquette. Etiquette involves basic rules like 'always sign your name', 'always cite your sources', 'don't be offensive', etc. Please take a look at the resource that has been assigned to your group. As you read, take notes that you can bring to class on Wednesday. In your notes include
- anything that's new to you,
- any words that are new for you,
- reflections on the language used,
- and other places you ended up if and when you started clicking around.

One last thing: Before you start reading, take a look at this quick introductory video to blogs and blogging. Be ready to talk about anything you might have learned and any comment you may have about understanding the video.

Groups A & G
one blog post on etiquette for the blogging nation
Groups B & H
Groups C & I
Groups D & J
Groups E & K
Oops Group F
Sorry I forgot you guys in the original message. I'll have you all read about Creative Commons so you can give the whole group more detailed information about it.
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mony said...

Derar Prof.Guth, I'm in group F bt I can not find the resource you assigned for the group, there is no resource with the lettr F. Which one to prepare for Wednesday?

Lamericaana said...

Sorry mony,

I did forget you all. Thanks for pointing it out to me! I've updated the message.

See you tomorrow.