Monday, October 08, 2007

e-tivity 1: Let’s get started!

Hello everyone and welcome to the blogosphere! The next few months will be an adventure into the blogosphere and everything Web 2.0. This course is what we call a “blended” course, i.e. part online, part in the classroom. The activities we are going to do for the online part of the course are called “e-tivities” (Gilly Salmon, 2002). You will have one e-tivity each week. Do you know what a blog is? Do you already have one? These are questions we will be exploring in the next e-tivity. For now we just need to become familiar with our course blog (and a few other aspects of Web 2.0). Please read the e-tivity instructions carefully.

Have fun!!

Purpose: To become familiar with our course blog and introduce something about yourselves to each other.

Task: I've written a rather traditional welcome message, but I'd like you to do something more original. First go to Flickr and look for an image that represents something about you. Write a post showing the image and describing what it says about you and why you chose it. Then think of at least two websites that you use often or think are good resources. Copy those addresses, put the hyperlink in your introduction post and explain why you chose those two websites and what they mean for you.

N.B. For simplicity’s sake, the title of your post should be “Group Letter: Your name”, e.g. “Group A: Sarah”. That way it’ll be easier for you to do the respond part of the e-tivity.

Respond: Read the introductions of the other students in your group (see the next message for group division) and reply (using the “comment” button) to them, explaining why they are similar to or different from you, because they have said something interesting, etc.. Blogging is all about conversing online, so this is an important part of the e-tivity.

Timeline: Friday, October 12 (task), Monday, October 15 (respond).

If you're curious, click here to see my message back in October. I haven't made a new one since you already know me and the message is on this blog - but other people on the blogosphere don't know you so...


elena s said...

I would like to ask you if we have to post the comment or just save it as draft. I did not understand. Who can help me?

Lamericaana said...

Dear Elena,

You have to publish the post by Friday, that is, whenever it's ready before now and Friday. Does that answer your question?
Also, have you seen my new post about how to embed a photo from Flickr in your post?
Check it out.


elena s said...

Thank you for the answer. Yes, I saw the post about the photo from flickr and followed the instruction; I had to change my photo because I think it was protected by copiright!


elena s