Monday, October 08, 2007

Group Divisions

Hello all. As I said in the e-tivity 1 message, in order to have you work more effectively during the course, you will be divided into work groups. You will be working in these groups both online and in the speaking classes so it's important to remember what group you belong to. For now I've given you letters, but it will be up to you during class on Wednesday to come up with names for your groups.


N.B. I've put your names in alphabetical order to make it easier to find your group.

Sara Babetto A
Elisa Barchi F
lisa belluco G
maria laura bernardi F
Anna Bordignon A
Selena Bortoletti G
Elena Boscaro A
veronica bozzato E
Nicola Canton A
Elisa Caramori A
Elena Carlet F
Eleonora Carta G
Elena Costa B
Sara De Tomi B
Valeria Fagan F
monica ferrara F
Alessia Ferrara G
Giovanna Foschini B
Marina Fuin H
roberta Fumani H
Sonia Gelain B
Anna Giabardo I
Marta Guarda B
Giada Guazzo C
Nina Horakova K
kamila ivolgina I
Antonietta Lauria I
Valentina Lelli C
alessia leonardi I
Silvia Lovato E
letizia malacarne C
eleonora mella I
valentina mioni J
Silvia Nicolini C
Stefania Pasquali C
elisa rossi J
serena santi D
Imma Schiavone D
Luca Sgarbossa J
giovanna simonato J
Elena Sottil G
giovanna sperotto H
Alessandra Squaquara D
Enrico Stanic K
Alberto Tono D
Martina Torresan H
marta tosato H
Claudia Trivellato D
Martina Urbani E
Chiara Vallone E
Alice Violato J
elena vivian K
Caroline Witte K
laura zoccarato K
Camilla Zulian E


elenavi said...

Dear Sarah,

as you remember today I asked you if on Wednesday Giovanna Simonato and I can move to 10.30 lesson instead of 11.30 because the timetable of ‘Glottodidattica’ has been changed and now it overlaps with your 11.30 lesson. You kindly accepted my request but I was wondering if this could cause problems with your group divisions…If so, don’t worry and I will see if I find someone who can give me ‘Glottodidattica’ notes…I am really sorry for the trouble!

Best wishes,

Elena Vivian

Lamericaana said...

Dear Giovanna and Elena,

Before I start changing groups I wanted to have lesson on Wednesday and see who actually came when. Please feel free to come at whichever time is best for you and we'll figure out gorup configurations in class.
10.30's fine.


Zara said...


I've noticed you haven't add me in any group so far.
Last Wednesday I worked with members of group C, so I think I'll send my feedbacks to those peers, unless you tell me differently.
Sorry if I write to you a bit in late, but I had no internet and labs were always full.
Thanks you.
Have a good week-end,
Sara Pahor

Lamericaana said...

Sorry Sara for forgetting to do that. I find it extremely difficult to keep track of all of you! So, to you and anyone else who 'signed up' on Wednesday during our first class, comment to the group you participated in during the class. I'll add you all to the list as I figure things out.