Wednesday, October 17, 2007

e-tivity 2, enrico (group k)

So, surfing the blogosphere is pretty exhausting... I knew lots and lots of people around the wwworld have blogs and myspace pages and stuff, I'd never realised how much time it might take to just have a look around at them!

Well, of course different people write in different ways according to the purpose they hope their blog may serve. I ran into some 'serious' political blogs dealing with issues which pretty much required a little bit of formal language. An example might be this ecologism-oriented blog.
You know, I'm all pro-ecologism and stuff, the only drawback is that having a coscience these days may cause depression at the point that you feel guilty for the scrap of paper you don't recycle but in the end you get suicidal for being so powerless while nuclear waste gets buried under corn fields and next thing you know you're too paranoid to eat your spaghetti cause who knows on which sort of polluted earth the corn was grown and oh deary deary me I really better stop here, mr Nervous Breakdown is on its way again...

On the other hand one political blog which I read sometimes has a pretty easy-going language. I'm talking about Beppe Grillo's blog, which, surprisingly (to me at least), is in the top ten of technorati's most popular blogs. Don't get me wrong, the issues he deals with are depressing as hell too, but he's always very direct and gives you the idea you can do something because he's done it (or doing it) too. Plus he's always pissed of and says bad words eheheh, and that always works when you need to cheer up folks who're really knee deep in s..t!

One totally different (humorous, for a change) blog I chose among those I browsed is this funny one. It's essentially a collection of Woody Allen quotes, from his movies, books, interviews, etc. I think he's simply brilliant, the very example of the fact that nerds are smart and funny. No matter if you're nuts, as long as you can crack a good joke, right?
By the way, on this blog there's a link to some '25000 proverbs' page which is also kinda great (I particularly liked the Russian proverb that goes "A pessimist is a well-informed optimist" ahahah, not really new, kinda already heard, but a classic is a classic, isn't it?).

Another topic I searched through technorati was Dostoevsky and related matters. There were some blogs referring to Dostoevsky in a quite vague way (like they had this one sinlge post about one of his books) but I chose to bring you a couple of myspace pages instead. Some are dedicated to Him (he actually has 6 impersonations living on!!!) and one dedicated to a character of his, Raskolnikov from 'Crime and Punishment' and another one to a character from 'The Idiot', Rogozhin. Of course the fact that they are MySpace pages makes them different, because a myspace page is not a real 'orthodox' blog, but more a pre-constructed page (intended to be used mainly to leave comments to your 'friends') with specific functions: a photo log, a message board, some info about the person who created that page, and then a specific area for the blog post.
I don't know what you think about it, I guess some of you people even have a myspace account... Well, uh, thing is, I have one myself, or at least my band has one on MySpace Music... Yeah, I know it's lame, that's not something I'm really proud of, but I have to admit it's useful, it makes it very easy to contact people and set gigs and stuff, so... What surprises me is how many kids have a myspace page these days. Really, I mean, I didn't even have a cell phone in my time, but well, I guess it's just the way it goes... We called them 'salad days' hah... salad days...


lau zock said...

Hi Enrico!
I think you found something really interesting on Technorati…After reading your description about the blogs you chose I immediately clicked on Woody Allen Quotes…he is one of my favourite actors-directors…as you say he is brilliant, smart and funny! Have you already seen “Match Point” and “Scoop”? They’re absolutely fantastic!
Moreover, thanks to the clear structure and language of this blog I really enjoyed reading and exploring the links it offers, in particular the list of the “100 greatest modern books”, the “selected quotes”, and the “world proverbs”! You made a good choice!

Nina said...

interesting comment on my post. Thanks! Do the Chinese really think that? hm, I wanna know more. Actually cultural anthropology is my favourite as well!
anyways going to your post. I clicked on the proverbs. Always think it is interesting to read proverbs form other just reflects it so well I think. Anyways I was so disappointed though. I clicked on some african and they were all translated into English(naturally) so I was wondering how they translated the ones form my own country. Well now the disappointing part comes: I pretty much checked all of them(there were like 65) and I have not heard any of the ones that were posted there in my life. So now I wonder, is it me who doesn't know my own culture or the website that just made it all up. It is very disappointing isn't it?
Anyways Woody Allan made it all up and I'm totaly happy after reading his quotes..I just love him.

Caroline said...

Hi Enrico!
Hm, I don't really know where to start today. I'm tired...I've just been through so many blogs...but yours where good! Why didn't you put your band's MySpace page? Would have been interesting...Anyway, of course, I enjoyed Woody Allen's proverbs so much. He's so funny but in an unique and intelligent way. I liked this one: " The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don't have." I don't want to show off but that's what I'm always saying, too.
I liked the first blog, too. It's interesting to see how politics always have issues with changing the world for a better... Or is it really sooooooo difficult to adapt new energy sources etc?
Ah, just to answer your question in the first comment (about Matt Damon, remember?) I don't really like him in the movies, either. But in reality....really handsome guy! So obviously ,it's not always true that they look better on the screen.
See you soon.