Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Group C: Giada E-tivity 2

After having explored the blogospere I selected the following blogs:
Lightspeed Champion is the blog of a British singer, Devonte Hynes, an ex member of the group named Test Icicles who recently have become the leader of a new group, that is the Lightspeed Champion. Actually I didn’t find his blog thanks to Tecnorati, in fact a couple of months ago I was trying to download their new single (if everyone is interested the song is titled Galaxy of the Lost) and by chance I came across his blog and I immediately started to read all the posts. Basically his blog is all about his eccentric persona: he writes what happens to him in London, his writes down his thoughts, sometimes also some lyrics. I like it because in this way I can see how the day of musician is organized, how he prepares to shows and concerts, how he deals with other famous British musicians, how he draws inspiration from life around him to create the lyrics and the melodies of the new album. I must confess that this singer is really weird but I have a lot of fun when I read his posts because he is nonconformist and creative and his photos are always very beautiful: that is why I would recommend anyone to enter his blog and have a look.
As far as language is concerned he uses an informal register, sentences are generally short and simple and he uses a lot swear words. Posts are not divided into paragraphs and he doesn’t seem to care a lot about punctuation: he uses the technique of the stream of consciousness. In his posts he inserts a lot of links, most of all when he writes comments on other artists and musicians so that the readers have the opportunity to check their works and listen to new groups. Anyway I realized that graphically his blog is quite poor: on one hand I appreciate when blogs are outwardly minimal and essential, on the other hand I think he could add some useful and interesting links.
The second blog I chose thanks to Technorati is about Feminism. Different bloggers send their own posts with their thoughts and comments on current affairs involving women and their universe: they deal with meaningful issues such as abortion, sex and sexism, rape and laws who should prevent men to commit it but actually they don’t and problems related to the lack of equality between men and women as regards the career or the rules in the family. At first sight the blog might appear to lack cohesion as each blogger has her own style and way of expressing ideas and feelings but once you get accustomed to the way the blog is organized you start enjoying the posts. Moreover the blog is very rich in liks, video and images of all kinds. Again, as far as language is concerned, the bloggers use an informal register and they have a style which is widely ironical and original. Sometimes they use bad words or vulgar expressions as well. Anyway I warmly recommend my peers to have a look to this blog: the posts are well written and the issues are really interesting, all aiming to draw attention to the condition of women and make the readers to reflect about it.

Finally I would like to make some brief observations on the styles used on the blogosphere. What I noticed exploring the blogospere is that a huge number of bloggers use an informal register, in order to reduce the distance between them and their readers and get more people to understand and comment their posts. Reading very different blogs I also realized that the more original, outrageous and ironical in the use of language and images they are, the more successful they are. Of course I might be wrong as my knowledge of the blogosphere is quite limited, but as our English course progresses I hope to get more information.


Alesssia L. said...

Dear Giada,
I really liked the presentation of the blog about the end I was really curious about it and I immediately thought "Well, let's have a look at it!"

I particularly found the Girl Drive amazing!The idea of these girls travelling across America in order to interview other women and find out more about the world of feminism is simply awesome!

As you said, the register varies according to the particular person who contributes to the blog but the language is generally colloquial.
I think that the use of links within the blog is really useful because they enable you to follow your own mental path according to your specific needs and interests...that's something you can't do with paper magazines or books and this is the power of new technologies!

That's all

Bye bye


Zara said...

Hi Giada!
Amazing Lightspeed Champion! I realy like the blog layout!Moreover as you said, it's very interesting to see a star lifestyle! To me nicer to the second...
As you wrote, language is informal and sometimes voulgar. I think that in our blogs we should put lots of images and links. Moreover topics trated should be nice and ironic. I completely agree with your latest observations.

Good job with your Engish!

Letizia said...

Hi Giada,
as Zara said Lightspeed Champion is very nice! I enjoyed reading something about a star's lifestyle, his thoughts and lyrics!!!
The second blog is nice too. Nowadays it's very important to speak about rape and abortion! I also saw that on the blog there was an online abortion course: I think it's very important for women who need information about it.
I totally agree with you about your finally thoughts regarding the style of blogs.
Bye bye

Silvia said...

Hi Giada!
I agree with Zara and Letizia in saying that the first weblog is very interesting, as it gives us in a very original way a lot of details about the everyday life and habits of this singer!
Besides, I enjoyed reading through the second one as well: as you wrote this weblog is not so well organized, but I think it contains several interesting articles about feminism and debates on our generation.
Finally I totally agree with you in saying that only by means of an ironic and original style a blog can be really effective and successful!