Wednesday, October 31, 2007

E-tivity 3: Feedback

Dear all,

It's been wonderful to see all of your personalities come out in your personal blogs in a way that was not possible in the course blog. Clearly some of you are more comfortable with the technology than others, or are having more fun with it, and have made quite elaborate blogs, while others have proven that though they thought they couldn't do it, they can. Some of your reflections were very insightful, others more superficial (we'll see how this develops with the different types of tasks we'll have). I read them all, and enjoyed them all, blogs and comments both.

I've got just a few generic comments from having read your personal blogs and posts for e-tivity 3:
-everyone seems to be worried about having something to say, but you all have to realize that you do have something worth saying :-) ;
- the blogs corrected are good examples of effective informal writing in English - I'd say you're on the right path, just make sure that even when you use things like ellipsis (...), you use capital letters to start the next clause;
- you've all seemed to realize, and rightly so, that the more you used these tools, the easier it gets, i.e. it's not so hard after all; in other words, keep up the good work!

Unfortunately, I'm going away with my family for the next four days, so I won't have access to the Internet. I haven't had time to correct the work of two groups, but only of one group. I've gone to the other side of the alphabet and corrected Group K. For now I'll send you these corrections (click here) and you can take a look at and reflect on these. If I have time when I get back I'll correct J too!

Again, job well done to all of you and keep it up :-)


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