Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Writing for Speaking (for Monday, Nov. 5)

The first one on the left is the one we one first prize for ;-) at a Halloween party!

On Monday we discussed what we thought culture was. All groups came up with similar words we could use to define culture:
tradition, beliefs, customs, habits, knowledge, symbols, history, language, religion
sharing, belonging, group of people.

If we look at the tradition, customs, symbols, history, language, and even religion, of a holiday such as Halloween, we see that it is shared by and belongs to a group of people who can be considered Anglo-Saxon (the holiday began in Ireland), more specifically today Americans.

Therefore, I've been asking myself the question:

Should Halloween be imported to and celebrated in Italy or not?

In order to prepare for an in-class debate on Monday, I would like you to start reflecting on this question and write about it on your blogs. Have your arguments ready and, if you've got time, look for extra information on the Internet to back up your arguments. I will divide you into two groups: for and against.
If, before Monday, you see in Bloglines that your peers have answered the question, go read their answer.

FOR: Groups A,C,E,G,H

Come to class ready to defend your point of view!

I look forward to reading and hearing about what you think and, by the way,



Alesssia L. said...

Hi Sarah!
I've seen you forgot to put group I! I for or against Halloween being imported? (Actually I'm totally for!)



Alesssia L. said...

Dear Sarah!
I wrote to you about the groups without reading the message with the new group organisation!(I'm awfully sorry!)

Now everything is clear: I'm in group K!!!!

Thank you very much!

Bye bye


vale said...

unfortunately on Monday Laura Zoccarato and me(Valentina Mioni) won't be able to come to lesson because of a meeting with the camera di commercio!sorry!
see u!

Valeria said...

Hi Sarah,
I won't be able to come to lesson on Monday, because, like Laura and Valentina, I have a meeting with Camera di Commercio.
Sorry, see you on Wednesday.
Valeria Fagan

Silvia Lovato said...
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Silvia Lovato said...
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Silvia Lovato said...

Good Evening Sarah,
I share the same problem with Valeria, Laura and Valentina. The test starts at half past two. I think that we will finish it at half past four. Can I come to the second lesson? Would it be a problem?
Starting from next week I am going to attend regularly the first lesson!
thanks a lot

Lamericaana said...

Dear Valeria, Silvia, Valentina and Laura,
I didn't quite understand what it is you have to do, but Silvia speaks of a test so good luck to you all.
Thanks for letting me know.
Silvia, you're welcome to come to the later lesson and then to the earlier one in future weeks.


Imma said...

Dear Sarah,
I didn't attend classes last week because I was ill and unlikely I still have problems with the internet and I couldn't follow everything well. Now I'm by a friend of mine trying to do what I lost...
Today I will be in class at 14:30 (later it's impossible to me because of my job) but actually I don't know which group I belong... I was in groul D...And now?
see you

Davide said...

Hi Sarah, I'm so sorry but I'm sick so I couldn't come yesterday.
See u tomorrow....I hope


Lamericaana said...

@ Imma - Group D now has 6 people so to assign you to another group I need to know whether you will be attending on Mondays at 2.30 or 4.30. In the meantime try and catch up on what you've missed. Feel free to write comments to messages here if you've got difficulties.

@ Davide - That's fine Davide, thanks for letting me know. I'm sure that sooner or later I'll be getting sick too :-( If you can, just try and catch up with what you missed. You missed a great debate on Monday - I was impressed with the arguments your peers came up with. Take care and get better soon.