Monday, October 08, 2007

Group B: Giovanna

Hello everybody! I'm Giovanna and I have chosen this Jack Russel picture because it reminds me of my dog. Her name is Luna, she's six years old and she's a mix of several breeds of dogs but I don't know how many. She's pretty smart and whenever she wants something she knows how to ask for it. She makes me happy when I'm sad and, unlike some of my family's members, she never annoys me. My friends always say that I am more kind to her than to people!
I like all animals and I think that we should do anything to protect them and the habitat in which they live.

This is a website I visit very often because I like watching films very much, especially horror and action movies. I go to the cinema every week and at this link I can find all sort of information about all the films that are about to be released. What is more, if I miss some news I can retrieve it easily because the archive of this site is very well organised.

The other website I have chosen is about travels. This on line agency is quite particular because it offers many different ways of travelling all around the world. It is interesting because it is not a common travel agency: you don't stay in the same hotel for more than one or two days. You keep moving and in this way you can visit a lot of different things and get in touch with the culture of the country you are visiting. I really hope that some day I will have the possibility to enjoy this wonderful way of travelling.


Martina said...

Hi Giovanna!
I've just read your presentation...I found out that we have the same passion for dogs!Unfortunately, I've never had one at home because I live in a flat; moreover,we all often come back home late in the afternoon, so having a dog would mean to leave him alone the whole day, and he would suffer. But I still hope to have the possibility to buy a Golden Retriever in the future!
As regard the web sites you've suggest, I've immediately saved the second one in my list of "favourites sites"!I like travel and I always organize my travels by myself; then,as you can read in my presentation, I'm planning a journey with my friends and your site could be very useful!Thanks!;-)

ElenaCosta said...

Hi Giovanna!
I'm glad to find out that you are as keen on films as I am! I share this passion with my boyfriend as well: we often go to the cinema during the week to plunge into another exciting adventure, to weep for an unlucky love, to laugh at the quips of a talking car! I consider films the modern version of the bedtime stories that our parents told us when we were children: each time you are invited in a completely different world and you can even choose the story that suits the best your mood!Just like you, moreover, I'm very into horror films: nowadays many of them are really scaring but their plot is also very predictable in most cases (the first character who dies is always the blond dull girl!)so I split my sides with laughter when I watch them with my friends and we comment on every odd scene!Maybe we are a bit weird...
Anyway, Halloween is coming! Is there a better way to party than watching a bloody film all together?? Maybe next time you could suggest me some titles!
See you soon,

Marta said...

Hi Giovanna! The dog you chose to post is simply cute! It reminds me of my dog, whose name is Bach (you may say it is a strange name, but in fact it is not, considering my passion for music..). Unlike you, however, I do not spend much time with my dog, I would even say he no longer recognizes me, since I go back home very rarely! I agree with you in one more thing..dogs know how to get what they want, especially when they are hungry!
As for the websites you mentioned, the one on travelling really looks interesting.. My dream is to travel all around the world, one day.. who knows, this could be the right website for me!

Sara DT said...

Hi Giovanna!
We have many things in common: I also have a little dog called Luna which is a strange mixture of breeds, and, like your Luna, is very "comunicative"... I am always surprised at seeing how obstinate she can be when she want (or do not want)something!
Another thing I share with you is the passion for movies. I like almost all genres: thrillers, comedies, animations. I think that one of the best things to do in a winter evening is going to a warm and comfortable cinema to see a good movy.