Monday, October 08, 2007

group A: Sara

Hi everybody! Why have I chosen this image? It's easy! First of all because I love Golden Retriever. My golden retriever is eight years old, he is a part of my daily life and obviously he's a member of the family, who never makes me angry! Sometime I think that he understands me better than many other people...perhaps it's because I am too complicated!
But there is also another reason: the sea. I love the sea and everything connected to it because water is my natural element! I like swimming or just watching the movement of the waves...for me it is the most relaxing thing in the world! One day I would like to learn diving, buying a house on the beach and live there: that's my dream!
I am not fond of technology, therefore I surf the net only when I need a piece of information that I cannot find anywhere else, or to check my e mail: that's why these are the web sites I click most.

That's all for now! Bye!


Davide said... A...i love dogs dog is a German shepherd....his name's is said that dogs have the same character of his u think it can be true?.....what i'm going to write could be unbelievable.....i do love the mountain...and hate the sea...u wrote u would buy a house on the beach....well... i'd buy a house in a valley....that's my dream!...well sara....see u around...ok?....davide

Niko said...

I've heard about a man with a house on the beach, he had some trouble when it started raining...just joking. Actually, the is not "my alement" I'm afraid of deep water, u know, a nightmare of mine is to sink and feel my lungs full of water...Brrr...I'm too scared now...I can't go on, see u soon! Bye!

Anna B said...

Hi! I love water too!! Even though I am really scared by deep water, especially by the sea! I can swim well (my first swimming lesson was at the age of three!) but I'm afraid of the strength of the sea! However, I prefer it to the mountain, for example because I can't ski... This is embarrassing... By the way, do you know where I can find a cheap swimming pool here in Padua??? Thanks a lot!

elisac said...

Hi!I love animals!!I understand what you mean when you say that your dog is a member of your family. As you problably read in my post, I have a dog, he is a Yorkshire Terrier and he is like a brother for me!He is very intelligent, affectionate and he makes me happy when I'm sad. I like water as well, I love swimming but I also enjoy going to the montains and walking down the paths, nature is wonderful and extremely relaxing!See you in the near future, bye bye Elisa

Caroline said...

Hi Sara,
I'm Caroline. Was it you that sent me a comment on my message? What were you doing in Berlin for a month? Were you working in some place? I spent (almost) the whole summer in Berlin, too.
I really enjoyed it, even if the weather was not so good this year.
Ok..I just wanted to thank you for your message. See you soon.