Friday, October 19, 2007

GROUP C: Silvia e-tivity 2

Hello everybody!

After spending quite a long time reading through various weblogs in technorati, I finally found two interesting blogs about travelling, which is one of my favourite hobbies! Unluckily I can’t do it very often, so when I am at home I enjoy reading on the web other people’s experiences about their travels, which I think it is very useful because in such blogs you can often find some good suggestions about the places which are worth visiting and the various things you can try once you go there. One example can be the first weblog I visited, which was created by a Spanish girl who considers herself a permanent tourist, as she is always on trips!
What struck me of this blog is that there is plenty of information about any kind of food she tried in the various places she visited, such as in Barcelona, Japan, France and Amsterdam! There are really a lot of useful suggestions about food recipes according to the city/country you want to visit... isn’t it nice?! (by the way, have a look at the photos of those recipes..they are so tempting!!!). Moreover, she has added a lot of original photos of the most beautiful bars she went and of the people she met during her trips, which make her blog really interesting and enjoyable as well!
What I particularly like of this weblog is the fact that it is very well organised and original, with lots of links which provide further information about the origins of food recipes and of the most famous bars, restaurants and markets, such as the famous Borough market in London. There is also a link to a website in which European food bloggers send to each other food recipes and photos of the typical products of their countries, which I think it is very useful if you are interested in knowing food recipes of the different European nations!

Another blog I would recommend you is about yoga: even though it is a sport which I’ve never practiced it fascinates me a lot! This weblog gives very good and useful advice about how not to worry about stress and to relax doing yoga! However, this weblog is very different from the first one, as it is much shorter and less accurate; moreover, I think it is slightly too schematic.
General considerations about style:

As regards the style of the blogs I came across, I would say that the authors mostly use simple language with many colloquialisms and slang words in order to make their blogs more informal as possible, so that the readers can easily interact with them. In telling their experiences they sometimes use ironic expressions in order to catch the reader’s attention; they use dots as well, creating in this way expectations on him/her. However, in the more informative ones, the style tends to be more formal and essential.
Well, I hope you enjoy visiting the blogs I chose! See you soon!


Giada said...

Hi Silvia!
I spent a lot of time exploring Technorati too, I think everybody did, so I perfectly understand you!
The two blogs you selected are very interesting, I particularly enjoyed the second one about Yoga. I read some posts about natural cosmetics, organic food, various techniques to relax: they are all well written and the topics are very appealing! Anyway I appreciated the layout of the blog: as I wrote in my post I love when bloggers keep their blogs simple as regards colours and design.
As far as your observations on the style used on the blopgosphere are concerned I agree with you: bloggers use an informal register and are often ironic.
See you next week,

Letizia said...

Hi Silvia!
I enjoyed all the two blogs you chose. The first, as you said, it is better organized than the second. It is a very nice idea that a tourist put on her blog her travveling experiences! The photos of the characteristic foods of each places are wonderful!!! I also saw that there were some recipes of foods, for example the tortilla of patatas: it has to be fantastic!!!
As Giada said, also your second blog is really enjoyable!!! I appreciated the therapy against anxiety, because sometime I'm a very anxious person!!!
As regards the style I agree with you about the fact that blogs are written in a simple language to catch the reader's attention. I like when on blogs there are illustrative images with some explanatory sentences next to them!!
See you soon!

Stefania said...

Unlike Giada and Letizia I didn't like the second blog about yoga, maybe because I'm not interested in this practise!
On the contrary, I found the first blog really useful and interesting. There are a lot of web sites and blogs about travelling but this one associates travelling with food.
I read carefully the recipe "Tarte Grande Mère". It seems exquisite! I think that "you are what you eat!", so you can understand something about the culture of other people through their food. what do you think?
As to the language I agree with what you wrote before. I noticed the same informal language in the blogs I visited.
See you soon

Zara said...

Hi Silvia!
Very interesting the first blog you’ve suggested us. In particular I really like how the web layout is organized. I like the colours as well. Any ideas on how she gave that reflecting-effect to the photos she put on her blog?!? It's amazing and I'd like to use the same with mine…
I couldn’t open the second blog you’ve considered in your post. An internal error was occurred. Anyway, I agree with your observations about language and style. I really like that with this work on blogs we can be more relaxed with English language…we are freer to express ourselves and less bound by grammar rules when writing.
Some tips: I’d put more links in the text especially when citing (e.g., technorati, ) or when using particular words. This way you’ll make your text useful and amusing to the reader.
Good job Silvia,