Friday, October 19, 2007

GROUP J: Valentina

Hello everybody!!!

Here are the two blogs I chose for you to have a look at...if you think they worth it! Well, the first one is, I chose this blog first of all because I really like pictures, above all artistic, inventive pictures that emphasize certain details and want to communicate something. I'm sure we have all seen loads and loads of pictures of London's main aspects of everyday life and happenings in the amazing city of London.
If you have already been to London and you are going there again, this blog offers original ideas of sites and exhibitions worth a visit and interestingly gives historical, artistic and personal information written down in a clear and easy going way. Comments on photos are pretty short and this is a good thing because, as you know, good pictures can easily express themselves without words. Anyway the way he structures the blog is very clear and the quality of the pictures is extremely's a cool blog, check it out!

The other blog I chose for you is and as you can easily guess it talks about that phenomenon. You can find a lot of information on many different places to visit when organizing your eco-holiday! Eco-tourism, as you may already know, is a kind of tourism for people that want to see real local cultures, discover and respect the wildness of a place; this form of tourism focuses on personal growth, volunteering and learning new and different ways of living on our planet. Obviously it keeps an eye on the impact that tourism inevitably has on the environment trying to limit the negative aspects of conventional tourism. Again this blog is well done from the point of view of the structure: new topics are introduced by fascinating pictures and are explained through lucid and brief comments.

I hope you’ll enjoy them!


Giovanna S. said...
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Giovanna S. said...

Hi Valentina!

I visited both the blogs you suggested us in your post, and I agree with you: they are very interesting and clearly structured. In your message you managed to explain concisely and directly the reason why these blogs should be read.

I enjoyed visiting the first one because it concerns photography, which is a topic I love. The pictures taken and posted by the author are beautiful and non-conventional because they catch particular moments of everyday life in London. For example, in this picture ( there is a busker playing chess in the street. As you pointed out, it is interesting that the blogger advises others to visit some particular places in London, such as art exhibitions. Moreover, you said that the author writes in a clear, simple way, and this is what drew my eye. As the posts are quite short and sometimes fun, my attention couldn’t be distracted. Even though the posts are brief, the author gives further information by putting links that connect you with different websites, for example Wikipedia. Not only the style, but also the layout is clear and simple. On the right side there are some lists of links, so you can easily select the post which is interested in. Great!

I found the second blog very interesting because it regards a relevant subject: eco-tourism. Nowadays people are more and more interested in travelling and are not worried about environmental problems. This blog, which is written by different people, tries to awaken public opinion to these problems, and I think this is an important aim. You made a good choice by suggesting this blog!
My attention was first caught by the beautiful pictures put at the beginning of each post, and then I appreciated the way in which the posts are written. As you emphasized in your post, the bloggers have a concise style, so the messages are not heavy or boring. If you want to get further information you can simply click on the links, or on the tags. I also found interesting that there is a section called ‘Fresh comments’, where you can read the recent comments.

I hope you will appreciate my comment,

See you soon!

Giovanna S.

fred said...

Hi, Valentina! The blog you chose about London really took my breath away. Since I received my own camera as a gift some time ago, I started taking pictures and being interested in photography. I found that blog very elegant and quite professional. I liked almost all the pictures, but the one of St James’ Park pervaded by an early morning light is wonderful to me! I love the way the photographer chooses and comments the details. And I completely agree with you when you say that good pictures can easily express themselves without lots and lots of words. I think that anyone can add their own feelings. I have never been to London, but these pictures really caught my attention and gave me something. I think I will take a look at this site again…maybe before taking the plane for my first trip to London! Thanks for suggesting the blog! Federico.