Friday, October 19, 2007

Group D: ALESSANDRA S. e-tivity

Hi guy!
I spent more or less an hour and an half to visit all the blogs that appeared on the screen when I select “fashion” as field, but finally, after a long search on the web, I came across a couple of blogs that I want to recommend to you:

1. the URL of the first blog is

This is composed of posts sent by people from all over the world who share the same passion for fashion, trends and new ideas for future collections and cloth creations.
In my opinion, this blog is well organized and simple to visit: besides the bloggers' posts, on the right side of the page there is a list of all topics that bloggers can speak about (for example Brands, Technology, Designers, T-shirt, New Collection, and so on). But what impressed me more are the wonderful photos and captivated advertisement that one can see opening the blog. I have always loved reading and watching all the advertisement along the streets or inside newspapers, but to have the possibility to have all them collected together is a wonderful experience for those, like me, that are fashion’s addicted. Obviously, people who write in this blog share their opinions about fashion, write about what they like and dislike and make comments on other opinions. I think that these kinds of blogs could be useful also for fashion’s brands and designers to know consumers’ tendencies and preferences. What about the language, it’s informal but sometimes comments contain some specific terms to describe products and cloth.

Then I changed the field and I chose a more “serious” one: Jane Austen



I love English literature, especially Jane Austen’s works! I think that books as “Pride and Prejudice”, “Sense and sensibility” or “Emma” are the perfect examples of how the love should be. The site that I want to recommend to you, caught my attention because it’s built in an old-fashion way. Colours, pictures and style, all put back the visitors into the 18 centuries life and romanticism. I think that the way in which this blog is created is very important because it catch the reader attention, make him comfortable and help him to enter in that past world. In the same way, also this third blog, always about Jane Austen, is interested and very romantic too. The white background of the first page and the picture of the swan remind a deep sweetness and harmony too.

As regarding the language used in the blogs, it‘s vary and closely linked to the topic they deal with. In all blogs the vocabulary and the register reach the aim pursued in the blog, so the language must be clear, simple, colloquial and informal, as it is in a usual conversation. Sometimes there are technical terms, but they are perfectly comprehensible for those who will visit them.


Alberto said...

I visited the first blog about Jane Austen. I admit I have not a thorough knowledge of this authorness, since I read just "Persuasion". Do you remember it? It was in our literature programme during the first year. I liked that course very much...
The blog you chose is easy to read and is also enriched by some useful links and labels. Furthermore, as you said, it catches the reader's attention thanks to its elaborate look that tooks him/her back to Austen's age.

See you!

Imma said...

Hi Alessandra..
I also visited the Jane Austin's blog because I really like her and of course her novels...I have just watched "becoming Jane", the moovie about her life and I found it really nice...Her life was a perfect mix between "Sense and Sensibility" and "Pride and Prejudice"...Thank you for having suggest that blog...
See you

Serena Santi said...

I also visited the blog about Jane Austin but I didn't spend a lot of time there. I was excited by the idea of visiting the blog about fashion. As Alessandra said it is a collection of posts. What has attracted my attention was a news about a new kind of jewelry. It's called Electronic Sensing Jewelry and it is worn directly on your skin. It is a new genre of product; a generation of wireless, stick-on body sensors that re-define traditional body adornment. Very strange, isn't it.

Claudia Trivellato said...

Hi Alessandra! I like the blog about Jane Austen you have suggested!!!!
It catches our attention because in this blog there is a strange atmosphere..the colors bring you in the is very very interesting!
I think I'll continue to read it!