Friday, October 19, 2007

Group G: ElisaS. e-tivity 2

Hi everybody!!

I really had no clue how vast is the blogsphere!! There are really countless pieces of information, it was impossible not to get lost and the main issue was to find the two that most interest me .

Here are two blogs that I finally preferred and decided to recommend to you all:

I think this blog is very, very interesting, most of all for all those people who like and have dogs at home. Just few days ago my aunt decided she wanted a pet and she asked me for a tip. As you surely know there are hundreads different dogs types. It is not so easy I think to choose your own dog, but in this blog you may find a list of the most important categories you have to know. You cannot decide which dog you would like to have just because you like it from an aesthetical point of view. You must consider its behavior problems, its nutrition, its grooming and the qualities of its breed in general. Cliking on the categories you find in the blog you will get all pieces of information you need.

I know, the url sounds a bit odd but don't be scared! " Here you can find trip reviews of must see places around the world, edited and ranked by people who love to travel. Even better - with just a few clicks you can share your travel experience with the people of this community." The welcome message itself gives you an idea of what the blog is about. I like it because many times it happened to me I wanted to visit a certain place but I had no idea about it. So I kept looking for someone who had been there and could give me some hot tips. Yes, you can buy one of those travel guides in a bookshop - which are always necessary-, but you may also visit a blog like this one and see what other people think about the place you are visiting.


The design of the two blogs is very simple: on the first page you find many words you can click on in order to make your search easier. The language is rather informal: the subject is sometimes missing and there are a lot of contract forms. It looks as if the persons who wrote posts were directly addressing to somebody they know well. You may also find some emoticons especially in the sencond blog . All this makes the register colloquial.


I think these two blogs mainly reflect the list we made up in class of what makes a good blog post. There are a lot of liks integrated in the text which are mainly clickable words, coulors which catch the reader's attention and the whole structure is well organized. The second blog does not have any picture and maybe this lack makes it too plain.


    Eleonora said...

    Hi Elisa!
    I have just had a look at the links you put in your post. Well, I think you really made a good choice. I definitely like the first blog you recommended: I have got a dog so I find this page very interesting as it is full of useful information about these lovely pets. I spent some time reading the section about dogs’ behavior and the tips about how they should be fed. Maybe this blog could have been even better with some nice pictures… ;-)
    Your second choice is extremely interesting…this page gives you the impression to travel around the world just by looking at those fantastic photos…I think that images are the best way to catch the reader’s attention when you write a blog. I also like the idea of sharing traveling experiences with other people, it can be very useful when you are planning your holidays :-)

    Thanks for your suggestions!!

    elena s said...

    Hi Elisa,
    I went to the blogs you chose; I had a look at the first and think it is useful for who has dog. Unfortunately I don't have one, and not even have a house with a garden here in Padua. Moreover, living with other poeple, 7... it is quite impossible to consider the cohabitation with a dog, too! I like great danes and when, (and if), I had a house of my own I would think about the possibility of taking care of a dog.
    The blog is interesting but sometimes it doesn't stimulate to go on in reading it, maybe because it is a little boring and flat.
    As regards the second blog you made a good choice!!! I went looking for some place and found interesting links. The language is informal, sometimes it presents some features of spoken English and as the writers are from all over the world there are different styles and ways of writing.
    I like this blog, definitely! Thank you,

    see you soon,


    ps: if you find some mistakes, don't hesitate to correct me! Thanks

    Selena said...

    Hi Elisa!

    I find both the blogs you chose really very interesting!

    As regards the first one, I think it is the best way to have some idea of which dog breed might be the most suitable for your circumstances and personality. Six years ago I wanted a dog, and so I read a little encyclopedia about dogs, that I borrowed from my uncle, explaining the peculiarities of each dog breed. I decided to buy a bovaro del bernese because of its friendly nature. If you don’t have any idea of which breed might interest you, I believe this blog offers you this possibility in the best possible way. Of course, this blog is better than the encyclopedia I used, because you have not only information about breeds but also about the way to train dogs and other useful tips. However, I think this blog lacks images, and I believe they are fundamental if you want that the reader immediately associates the descriptions with the dog which they refer to. The appearance is not the first thing you should take into account, but it is something important, too. I’ve noticed that dogs most of times look like their owners. That’s curious, isnt’ it?

    The second blog is also something exciting! When I looked for blogs on Technorati which might interest me, I wanted to find exactly something like this. I chose a blog very similar to yours, but I must admit this is a little bit more appealing. I find the title very original and attractive, because it makes you really feel like visiting the blog, interacting with the community and, above all, travelling! I think, since we live only once, we should make the best use of our life. Therefore, for those who love travelling, like me, the right way to enjoy life is to travel as much as possible. I agree with you when you say this blog should include some nice photos to show the readers what the places are like.

    I’ll take advantage of the blogs you suggested to us!