Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Group D: Claudia e-tivity 2

I read and looked at many blogs in TECHNORATI and the two which hit me the most are : and

The first blog hit me because I like reading the horoscope even if I don't believe in everything it says.
I would recommend visiting it because it is interesting for who likes astrology, zodiac ect and one can find a lot of fascinating references, topics and questions.
This blog is very coloured, full of vitality, there are some pictures that make the blog very captivating: these pictures are the links of the zodiac signs and if you click on them, you can read your horoscope.
In the rest of the blog there are a lot of links to some sites which concern other correlated topics, such as cartomancy, animal spirits, sabian symbols and other completely different such as Vatican possession of Top Secret CIA Documents about nuclear weapons.
This blog is full of links; I can say that it is composed of links, except for the explanation of the zodiac signs and the presence of a video which unfortunately is not visible.
This blog had captivated my attention also just because of the great number of links!! It is very strange!!!
The languaged used is informal in order to ease the comprehension for every kind of people who is interested in the lecture of horoscope.
In some links the language used is more formal.

The second blog I chose is more "subdued", it concerns books and the author pages wants to give some pieces of advice in order to help the lector choosing the best book.
Also here there are a lot of links.
Links are very used by bloggers!!
The language is formal and elegant, even if some posts are more informal.
There are three long lists of books and the whole blog focuses on these catalogues.

In these two blogs the language is different, it depends on the context and above all on the content of the blog.


Alberto said...

I visited both the first and the second blog you chose.
Although I do not believe in horoscope, I always read it, too! I can't give it up!
The blog you write about is a bit confused, in my opinion, but, on the other hand, it is an explosion of colors and vitality that definitely catches the reader's attention!...And obviously, I read my horoscope before writing this comment! :)
What about the second blog? Well, I really enjoyed it! It is very well-done and enriched by the presence of a number of interesting links. I believe it could be very useful for anybody.

See you soon!

Imma said...

Hi Claudia,
I enjoyed a lot visiting your blog about books!
I think it's really worthy and I found some interesting articles about one of my favourite author...Stephen King! Moreover I think this blog is also useful if you are looking for buying some books even of second hand.
P.S. I must confess that after reading Alberto's comment I also red my horoscope on the first blog you suggested :)
See you...

Serena Santi said...

Hi Claudia!
First of all I read my horoscope but it is not very good. Hopefully I don't belive in horoscope. The blog is full of colours but I admit that the rest of the blog is a little obscure, just for the terminology that has no much sense for me. I think the second blog is very useful and after reading Imma's comment I read some articles about Stephen King. He is not my favourite writer. I read only one of his books, 'It'. I prefer the movies based on his books like 'Shining'.