Friday, October 12, 2007

Group D: Claudia Trivellato

Hello everybody!
I chose this photo because "Impression soleil levant" is my favourite Monet's painting and in his works I can reflect myself.
Monet is my favourite painter because he devoted all his life to art and because he wants a direct knowledge of what he paints; he refused tradition and moved away from the works painted in those years, creating a new painting where immediacy, freshness and luminosity fused.
I'm limpid, clear and sweet like his waters, I search the brightness in life, like him in his paintings, which are composed of a lot of colours and lights. In my opinion when we look at Monet's pictures we are not in front of painting, but in front of life.
As one can understand, I like art and exhibitions, and in effect I visited all the Monet's exhibitions in the last three-four years.
I love nature, the sea, the sun, the sunset and also to lead an outdoor life: I swim, I do jogging, I ski.

The websites I want to suggest are:

The first is useful because this site informs you about all the events in Padova, all the possibilities and services that the 'Comune' offers to citizens.
The second site can help you to find a stage abroad, for example in European Parliament, and you can find some useful addresses.
The third is interesting for a job, because if you enroll in, every weeks you will receive an e-mail with some free job places.


alessandrasq said...

Hi Claudia.
I'm Alessandra, one of your peers in class... I read with a lot of pleasure what you wrote about yourself and above all I really loved as you described you behaviour in comparison with Monet's painter. I like this painter very much, because I think that in his works he has introduced a sort of mysterious feeling and emotions. What is more his subjects are always cheering and happy, and the landscapes full of peaceful...
So, congratulation for the choose of your picture...
See you in class

Imma said...

Hi Claudia!
I'm Imma and we have something in common...I love Claude Monet..He's absolutely my favourite painter in the world!!!! My favourire convass is "Les Coquelicots" (The Corn Poppies) but I do also like "Impression, Soleil levant".. Did you heard about the 5 youngs, that went into the Museum d'Orsay, in Paris, and ruined the painting "Le pont d'Argenteuil"? The museum's alarm sounded and the group fled but not before punching a hole through the painting..Probably they were drunk... It's so unfair...
Anyway...I'm so glad to have found someone who has my same passion for Monet...
See you..

Alberto said...

Hi, Claudia!
I love Monet too! I still remember a summer day when I was just twelve and I was in France with my family. We decided to visit Monet's house, but we found it closed! :( So, I climbed a tree next to the enclosure to peek at the garden. Yes, the garden with the pond and the waterlilies you surely know. We didn't visit the house, but relishing that image without sharing it with other tourists was fantastic!

See you!

Serena Santi said...

Hi Claudia!
Good choice! Impressionists are great painters. When I was in Paris few years ago, I visited the d’Orsay Museum and I saw Monet and Manet’s paintings. What facinates me most is their use of colour and light. I remember The Cathedral of Rouen painted by Monet. Certainly you know it. He painted the same subject five, six times but it’s always different because of the different light.
I think it would be very difficult for me to describe myself through a painting. I think of my favourite painter Van Gogh. When I visited his Museum in Amsterdam I fell in love with his paintings and his use of colour. His colours are so rich, deep and brilliant that they show perfectly his inner suffering. Even if I appreciate this painter I cannot say that his paintings describe some aspects of my character. I found your picture and explanation very original.