Friday, October 12, 2007

Group D: Imma


Hello everybody! I'm sorry..I'm a bit late because I had some problems with my computer but finally it worked and I found my picture! So...I chose this image of two salsa dancers because I'm a sucker for salsa dancing and I think this picture is really charming. I've been dancing for five years and actually I'm interesting in studying the origins of this exotic dance...I mean..Who invented salsa? How many different kind of salsa dancing are there? And why is it so popular? So I started looking for information on the web and I found lot of interesting things....For example did you know that the name "Salsa" is the Spanish word for sauce, connoting (in American Spanish) a spicy flavor? Salsa refers to a fusion of informal dance styles having roots in the Caribbean (especially Cuba), Latin America and North America. It is a distillation of many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances and it is danced to salsa music. Typically the music involves complex African percussion rhythms based around the Son clave or Rumba clave. Music suitable for dancing ranges from slow at about 120 beats per minute to its fastest at around 180 beats per minute.
The Salsa aesthetic is more flirtatious and sensuous than its ancestor, Cuban Son. Salsa also suggests a "mixture" of ingredients, though this meaning is not found in most stories of the term's origin.

I found all this information and more in Wikipedia that in my opinion is a very useful website.

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Alberto said...

Hi, Imma!
I can't see the picture you chose, but I really enjoyed your enthusiastic post about salsa! I didn't know the history of that dance and I liked the image of salsa as a "mixture" of ingredients very much!
Unfortunately, my first approach to exotic dance was not so successful...When I was thirteen, my teacher decided to organize a dance performance with all her students, but we were incredibly agitated and the risult was quite comical!

Serena Santi said...

Hi Imma!
I think salsa is an involving dance. Thanks for your information concerning its origin. I was not aware of the existence of many different kind of salsa. All I knew was that salsa was a kind of exotic dance. I must confess my ignorance in this field. The only kind of dance I know well is classical dance because I go to see ballets at the theatre but I do not practice any kind of dance. My muscles don’t seem to know what coordination is. I’m trying to improve myself through aerobics lessons and believe me it’s not easy at all. After having read your message I spent some time visiting some websites about music and dance. I found also some information in Wikipedia about salsa and other exotic dances.

Claudia Trivellato said...

Hi Imma! I'm Claudia, a member of your group.
I like your presentation because I love dancing too! I did a salsa course and I went to some clubs where I danced salsa merengue and bachata here in Padua and also in other towns and I amused myself a lot!!

Nina said...

Hi Imma,
here are some comments on your post:

Justify text and devide it into paragraphs - it will be easier to read if it's organised
Center the picture and separate it from the text
Usage of colors and bullet points - it attracts the reader's attention

How many different kinds
I'm interested in studying
For example, did you know...

Missing comments or explanation about your chosen webpages

we think it was just about the right lenght, considering the missing comments of the webpages

Otherwise it was very nice and interesting to read, see you in class!
ciao Nina, Anna