Saturday, October 20, 2007


Hello everybody!
After about two hours looking for some blogs, I chose two of them...

  • The former is really funny.... it is called roblogger "5 Minute Break:
    take a 5 Minute Break to relax your mind and soul". There, you can see some funny videos or pictures about different topics.. (have a look at the UK tattoo convention or at the perfect angle photos!!!).
    It was interesting because I was looking for some blogs concerning women and women's studies but I found this strange blog in which the first sentence I read said that women can drive but just like men because there are some of them who are really bad drivers !!!! Of course I don't agree but anyway It was funny :)

  • The latter is a bit more serious...It is a blog about important topics as racism, peace, politics and others. It's the liberatormagazine and I found there some important articles about femminism, Diaspora, slavery etc... It's really worthy and I truly reccomend it because of the deeply important issues discussed.

So...It was a bit difficult surfing in the blogsphere, It is huge!! In my opinion it's hard to find what you're looking for just putting one key-tag because it is too dispersive. There are so many blogs talking about so different topics and so many links that you can go mad...I was about to go crazy! But at the same time it is a so fashinating world....there are any sort of blogs that you can visit and so many interesting things to read and see. And it's also curious how blogs are structured, how many different styles you can find and finally how do they try to catch the readers attention with colours or videos or pictures....Besides, I think that the language can be really easy and colloquial...Of course It depends on the kind of blog and there are some of them that use a very formal language (liberatormagazine is an example) but I think mostly they are written in an informal language that everyone can read without any particoular problems... I mean...they are not too much boring! :)

Anyway, I really had good time looking for blogs...

Hope you'll enjoy them..



Alberto said...

I visited both your blogs.
The first one is very funny and everybody can open it to spend some relaxing minutes!
The second one is very well-done. I appreciated it very much both for the topics it deals with and for the plenty of interesting links it offers.

See you!

Serena Santi said...

Hi Imma!
I visited the second blog you suggested us. It is really very interesting. I agree with Alberto, there are a lot of interesting articles about current issues. In this blog images are important and very powerful. I spent some time reading an article about black farmers and the effort of an Association to expropriate the land that African Americans had acquired since slavery in order to return land to former white owners. I was very surprised of this kind of discrimination, which has no sense.
Thanks for this interesting blog!

alessandrasq said...

Hi Imma...
Thanks you for the blogs that you recommended to us, they are interested and also easy to visit.
I notice that more or less all the blogs that we chose have the same characteristics: they are clear, well-structure, easy to scroll and they contain a lot of information, not only abut the specific topic of he blog; they give the possibilities to the bloggers to visit other links relating to it.. This is the power of technology...
See you soon Imma...

Claudia Trivellato said...

Hi Imma! I visited the blogs you chose and I can say that I like the first one very much!! It is amusing, interesting and curious! I read some articles that hit me, and I spent a little bit of my time in this way!!
The second blog is more serious (as you said!!) but also this one has some interesting pieces of news and information!