Saturday, October 20, 2007

group A: sara e-tivity 2

Hi! After having spent hours and hours on the blogosphere, I've finally found something interesting! It has been a hard work because there are so many blogs!!! However, I can suggest you two blogs that attracted my attention: the first is about dumb things, strange news (I don't know if they are true or not!), funny animals and so on... It's really funny, so when you want to have a break and chunkle, go here. As you can see, the language used is very very informal, I think it's the typical blog language... this blog is also full of images and videos, unfortunately I coudn't see the videos because my connection is too low but if you do that, let me know how they are...

The second blog is about...everything! You can visit it when you want to relax and see how strange is the world! On the right side of the home page there's the list of topics you can find: nature, technology, travel, health, arts...there are news and curiosities from all over the world, it's funny, and interesting too! Here people share their opinions, thoughts and reflections... The language used is a bit more formal than that of the first blog, but it's always colloquial English.
Let me know what do you think about these two blogs, if you like them...I hope so!...Bye!


elisac said...

Hi Sara,
I looked at your first blog and I read the article "A different kind of swarming!". What strange news! It's a very amusing blog to read in your free time. I agree with you when you say that it has been hard to find interisting blogs, I spent hours and hours reading them before finding something of my interest: there are millions of blogs and it is very difficult to choose two of them.

Good work!
See you,

Niko said...

Good morrow! I have just visited the first blog that you put the link to; it is funny, indeed. I find it a bit spoiled by the great amount of banners (I think they are called like that);it's full of those little windows-active or not- that you can find on the right part of it. While looking at the blog, my attention was continuously drawn by what stands on either side of it. I would take out some of those colourful things, they are quite "eye-catching", as it were.
Ok, that's all. I'm going to see the other blog you've chosen.

Elena B said...

Hi Sara,
I've just visited the first blog that you suggested. It is quite funny!I think it's nice if you want to relax and enjoy yourself... I've seen some odd picture about animals: two cats inside a pair of boots or elephants washing a car through the water sprayed from their trunks. Then I've seen a couple of videos:the first one was about the largest punmpkin in the world while the other, a quite shocking one, narrates the story of a woman who found a snake coming out from her toilet?!? It's really unthinkable!
Thanks for your suggestions,

Cristina said...

Hi Sarah!
I am working on my blog, and I am trying to add a video from you-tube. I have seen that I can add a "barra video", but in this way 4 videos appear in the blog, whereas I just want my video to be shown.
Can you help me?
Thank you!
Cristina R

Davide said...

hi Sara...blogs you chose are funny...the first one made me laugh...the guy..who was using a grinder....the cat who got drunk...the second one i think is similar....i was stunned about the woman without re right whan u wrote that in this blog one can see how the world is...see you in class....davide