Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Group D: Serena Santi

I visited some blogs and I found an interesting one concerning the last Nobel prize in medicine, Mario Capecchi. As everybody know the Nobel prize is an international prize given each year for excellent work in physics, chemistry, literature etc. What interested me most was the name of the Nobel Laureate because it has clearly an Italian origin. I discovered that he was born in Italy. he belong to a jewish family and his mother was tranported into a death camp during the Second World War. If you want to know how the story ends you can visit the blog and let me know if it surprises you.

In the second blog I chose you can find information about Doris Lessing, the last Nobel prize in literature. It is funny how this English old lady reacted to the news. I think it's interesting for you to know who she is and which are her most famous works. I read that she started her career as a post-colonial writer. after this I'm interested in reading some of her books.
The blogs I visited have a quite formal style with no use of contractions or slang. Maybe because they give information about actual news such as the name of a Nobel Laureate. The links are usually written within the text and this is the most common way used by bloggers to put a link in a blog. It seems to me that the use of images is not so essential. Usually images are not too big and they are not in a central position. What is important is what is written and how. The strategies to catch reader's attention are very useful. For example the use of short paragraphs, highlighted words, colours etc.


Alesssia L. said...

Hi Serena!
I visited Capecchi's blog and I went on with the reading...what made me go on was the layout: I liked the division into paragraphs which enabled me not to get lost while I was reading. Moreover, I agree with what you said about highlighted words and colours: long black&white pages (even webpages) give me the idea of something boring and uninteresting. Of course that's not always the case but appearances are important!

Bye bye


Alberto said...

I visited the second blog you proposed and I found it very interesting.
It is well-organized and for this reason it is also easy to read.
As you said, images are not the central part of this blog, however it catches the reader's attention thanks to other characteristics, as, for example, the choice to alternate paragraphs with a light violet ground and paragraphs with a white ground.

See you!

Imma said...

Hi Serena,
I visited both your blogs and I think they are really worthy...
I read the story of Mario Copecchi and I found incredible how he could re-adapt himself to a normal life and win a nobel prize in medicine after having lived such a life...
And also Doris Lessing's life and works are really interesting..
I agree with alberto when he says that even without so many images these blogs catch the reader's attention thanks to other characteristics...probably also because they are about such important topics..
Anyway...Thanks for your suggestions.
See you