Thursday, October 18, 2007

Group A. Davide (e-tivity 2)

hi there...I lost myself on the net looking for blogs which could catch my attention and two or three hours later I found them. The first blog I found regards travelling. In this blog people write about places they visited, what happened to them...and also post their pics. When you read the posts you would catch a flight, believe me (I was reading a post where a man ventured through California, you know, the typical road trip!!!) I think if travel is your passion this is a good blog, where you can see and read about places you have ever visited, maybe you can get a ticket to go away. This blog is well-organized. At the top you can click the map and read about the country you chose, for example if you are interested on England click here. I hope you'll enjoy!!! The second blog is about english. This blog is very useful if you want to improve your english, there you can find whatever you want about english grammar, pronunciation, slang, exercise...and so on...As regards the language in blogs it depends on the topics the blog deals with. In the first one I visited (travelling blog) the language is informal,people talk about their travel experience so they use a colloquial register but in the second one the language is quite formal....'cause they deal with linguistic aspects, obviously a formal language is required, I think. I would point out that all posts I red in blogs are short...a word to the wise.....see you....Davide


Anna B said...

Hi Davide! I've just read some posts on the TravelBlog and I'm not sure if it has been a good idea! You know, it's just October now, we will have holiday only at Christmas (maybe)!! That means, we still have to wait two looooong months! I would like to travel to Japan... and to Canada... and to Egypt... and to Mexico... and to Alaska...

elisac said...

Hi Davide,
I looked at your second blog,it gives the pronunciation of words! Furthermore, it explains English grammar...what a useful website for language students! Anyway, I agree with Sara, I love travelling, but the problem is that you need time to go abroad, perhaps when I will have finished my studies I will have more possibilities to see other countries.
Good work!
See you,

Elena B said...

Hi Davide!
I am very interested in the blog you have found out about travelling. I searched for travelling as well in Technocrati but no blogs caught my attention. I would spent hours and hours reading to other people's travel experiences and looking their photos. I have a couple of funny anecdotes on my travel experiences too. Maybe someday I will post it in that blog!

Niko said...

Hi mate!
I've just visited your blog about English. Actually it's not that user-friendly. I found a bit hard to pull out things: links here, links there, it has made me dizzy. Moreover, never use blue on a white background, it doesn't work! it's a chromatic MUST of mine. Then, it is to be considered that Englsih is a difficult language in itself, a blog about grammar topics is expected to be a simplifying tool, isn't it? Anyway, the language of the blog is formal but clear, and that is a good point.I'm on it right now, I'm stuck to the first page. We should submit some suggestions to the authors, shouldn't we?

sara said...

Hi Davide!
I've just visited the blog about's super! I've spent half an hour clicking, it's really interesting, and well organized too! I surely go there again! For the moment I can only dream looking all that photos...but one day I would like to go to USA, rent a car and travel...It would be wonderful!..Ok, I come back from clouds! Bye!