Thursday, October 18, 2007

Group F: Cristina R e-tivity 2

I want to confess you all that today, for the first time, I have been reading blogs...
At the beginning I felt "lost", I didn't exactly knew what to do and what I wanted to search , but after some time navigating I finally found two interesting blogs, and they are both about sports:
1)Here is the first:
this blog it's on winter sports: sking and snowboarding!!
I'm a snowboarder and I'm very happy about the fact that cold has finally come in Italy!! You know what, I am so exited about the idea of going to snowboard!!! Can't wait!
This blog is very interesting because you can find reviews of the most popular destinations for practicing this sport in the different continents and countries; for each place there is a genearal and geographical description, but it is also possible to find information about the accomodations and all the kind of activities you can practice to enjoy your time! There are also news about competitions and meetings and a lot of fanny and incredible videos of snowboarders making their tricks! I think that this blog could be very useful to organize a nice winter holiday week...:-)
Looking at the structure of this blog I can say that it is well organized, easily navigable and the information is clearly divided for each country. The text is argumentative and the language is not colloquial but neither formal, I think that it's rather quite "flat".
2) And here comes the second:
As I have already tell you, also this blog is about a sport, or better a martial art: judo! To tell the truth, this blog speaks about many different martial arts, but judo is what I'm interested in.
I have been practicing judo for 16 years, I'm also judo teacher for the beginners and I can say that for me judo is not only a sport or a is a passion.
In this blog they are making comparisons between judo and other martial arts, like for example aikido, showing the differences, but also the common origin, and the phylosophy that stands at the heart of this oriental arts.
This Southwest Mississippi's society organizes judo, but also karate and aikido lessons, and offers also groups of "meditation" and reflection about the meaning of judo, the principles and the martial views. I think that this blog is very interesting because we often loose the sense of what we do; what I mean is that nowadays we see judo as a sport, actually it is a sport, an olimpic one, in which being strong and well trained seem to be everything...but it is not true! Judo is a way of live and I think that this blog reminds us very well about the philosophyc side of it.
As far as the structure of this blog is concerned, I can say that it is very well organized. The language of the post is quite informal and sometimes also colloquial. There are also images which make clearer the explication of the different positions and techniques.


Valeria said...

Hi Cristina!!
Like you, I really like sports but I have never practiced nor snowbord neither martial arts, so I enjoyed reading the two blogs you suggested us because now I know a little bit more about them. I have to admit that I don’t like much winter sports because -even if I like the mountain environment- I am really sensitive to cold even here in Padua, imagine on the mountains… However, I found the blog on snowboarding well constructed, with detailed information: reviews on skiing and snowboarding, photos, videos, links for recent news and so on. I think that it is useful for those who love this sports or for athletes. The blog about judo is really technic, I think it is thought for people that already practise this activity or for people who, like you, are judo teacher. However, I liked the links on videos and on the postures used in this sport, and Gandhi’s sentence at the beginning Nobody can hurt me without my permission.

elenacarlet said...

Hi Cristina!
I watched the blogs you suggested and I enjoyed watching them because I like skiing very much and I practised judo when I was at the High scool! I liked the photo of Perisher Blue Skiing and snowboarding terrain in Australia; I think there would be beautiful ski slopes there! Usually, I go skiing in 'Monte Civetta', which is on the Alps, near Longarone and it takes only an hour by car from my town.Last year I went there by night with some of my friends because every Saturday they keep ski slopes open until midnight! It was very funny skiing under the moonlight and there were a lot of ski boarders...have you ever been there??
And what about judo?the photos on the blogs reminded me past years, when I practiced judo with my classmates...I remember some names of the basic movements such as, "Ushiro ukemi" or "Mae ukemi" these names sound you familiar?
bye bye!!

Elisa said...

Hi Cristina,
I’ve found your blogs interesting and of course really useful.
Considering the first one, I’m not so enthusiastic, like you, when the winter come, I definitely prefer the Sun, beaches and above all hot temperature. last winter I tried for the first time to learn snowboarding so I attended some private lessons, but I must confess that I didn’t manage to feel comfortable on a snowboard; moreover, skiing and snowboarding are quite different. Unfortunately one day, maybe due to my feeling of insecurity, I fell down while I was snowboarding. I broke my wrist!!!! so since that unlucky day I didn’t snowboard again, and I’m a bit worried because I’ve been realising that I’m afraid of the slope of a ski run and the speed that one’s can reach snowboarding….I hope to face it, I would to take courage again and to overcome this feeling.

About the judo blog, I completely agree with you when you say that people usually classify arts like judo, as a sport. I’ve been practising Tai Chi for 4 years and I’ve experienced that it isn’t a sport but a way of living, a sort of philosophy.

monica said...

I visited the two blogs you suggested us and found the one about Judo more interesting. I must admit that I don't know anything about this sport but reading the blog I've become interested in it. There are a lot of information about judo but also about other martial techniques. I appreciate the vocabulary section they added in this blog where one can search for the meaning of specific words.
I noticed that the language used is quite specific and perhaps a little bit difficult for a person like me who is not an expert of the topic. Anyway the blog is catching reader's attention with its photos and videos.