Thursday, October 18, 2007

Group F: Cristina R

This is the Avenida de Gaudí in the Eixample quarter in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Right at the end of this street is where I have been living during my Erasmus. I have chosen this pic to represent me beacuse the 9 months I have spent in Barcelona have been the best of my live. Once I saw a guidebook on Catalonia in which they where analisying the different kind of poeple living in Barcelona and to be an erasmus student was considered as a social role...kind of strange! Living in this city has been a great experience, but not only because I was away from Italy, without my parents, in one of the best european city for having fun.. well, that's importan too! But there is something more, something deeper, something that only who as been an erasmus can understand. I have learned a lot in BCN, I studied, worked and had fun. I met a lot of persons with which I'm still in contant of course :-). I discovered a magic city that goes beyond the same old turist places, there are some corners and little streets that leaves me brethless, there are museums and artistic buldings, there is the crowded beach that becomes suddenly sparkling with its parties and bonfires in summer, there is the colourful market of La Boqueria full of exotic products and the Rambla with its street artists catching the turists' attention.

So...that's me!!

Now, here there are two web-sites I often visit:

first of all, I tell you that I love travelingin but I'm often hard up :-) and so, this is a very usefull site where you can find cheap solutions to sleep while travelling. You can choose the country and the city where you want to go to see the various hostels and B&B!

this is another web site that, against my will, I often use! The point is that I commute between Treviso, that is where I live, and Padova.

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Valeria said...

Hi Cristina! I also went to Barcelona, three years ago. I went there not on Erasmus but on a journey. I stayed one week in Castelldefels, do you know it? It is a small city on the coast, not far from Barcelona, have you ever get there? I usually spend the whole day or half a day sunbathing, then I went to Barcelona to visit it. I agree with you, it is a beautiful city and it is also really picturesque. Obviously I visited only the most important monuments and for me staying there was different than your experience: I went there one week for a holiday, instead you stayed there nine months on Erasmus. However, I tried to do the most complete visit I could and I really liked the houses designed by Gaudì, Park Güell, and the Sagrada Familia…It is impressive and the most curious thing is that it is not already finished! What about you? Which was the monument that impressed you most? Let me know about it.