Thursday, October 18, 2007

Group B: Giovanna (e-tivity 2)

I surfed the net to find something that might interest me (and other people), so the first tag I used was travel and I found a really interesting and useful blog.The URL to this blog is and it is full of information about travelling by getting off the beaten track. There are a lot of images and pictures of different countries (including Italy) and it gives some useful advice to prepare carefully your trip. Since it is a kind of diary of the author's travel experiences the language is very informal and it is very easy to switch from a page to another, thanks to various linkable terms.

Then, since I didn't have any ideas for other blogs to search, I started using the tags "culture" and "actuality" and I found the following blog. I chose it because it is about curious things, news and events from all around the world. The blog's motto is : "Curiosity is the key to all wisdom" and I think that there is a lot of truth in this statement. The URL is In this blog too, there are many links to other pages and to different kinds of information. The most interesting to me is the one at the top of the page, under the title. It leads you to a huge amount of information that goes from politics to culture, to technology and many other things. If you are curious Try it!

I think that the styles used on the blogosphere depends on what the blogs talk about. In both the blogs I found the language is informal because the matters discussed are about daily life or enterteinments. If you want to share your experience and thoughts you don't pay too much attention on how you write it. What matters is to express yourself freely.


Karen Bryan said...

Happy to hear that you enjoyed reading my travel blog, Giovanna.
I really love Lake Iseo in Lombardy.

ElenaCosta said...

Hi Giovanna!
When I read your post I was fascinated by the motto of the second blog you suggested: "Curiosity is the key to all wisdom". You have to know that I am pretty curios, when I find out something new I need to learn more about it; therefore I couldn't lose the chance to visit such a promising blog!
I have to acknowledge that at first I felt a bit puzzled: what was the blog about? I scrolled the page and I found posts dealing with completely different topics so I didn't understand what the thread of the speech was...well, I still don't! Anyway I think this blog could be considered an open space to people who want to share with the other members of the blogosphere something they think it is important, interesting or simply curious! It is like a secret diary everybody has the key of and one can have a look at it in his spare time to find some unusual news which is worth reading. For example, I read the post about "jamais vu": I have never heard of this phenomenon before, but I think I have experienced it and it is really bizarre and a bit disquieting!

Martina said...

Hi, Giovanna!

How are you? You already know that I’m interested in travels, above all because I’m planning a travel with some of my friends in Scotland; for this reason, I’m searching for all kind of useful pieces of information that could help us. So, the first blog you suggested is arrived at the right moment! Thank you! I’ve just had a look at it and… guess what was the first thing I read? “Autumn colours in Scotland”! What a coincidence, isn’t it? Since when we decided that our destination would have been Scotland, I see this word everywhere! Sometimes it happens. I like that blog, because you can easily find the information you need, there are photos and links to other web sites. I’ll surely visit it often!


Karen Bryan said...

Martina, you should visit Scotland as it's very beautiful. I am bias as I'm Scottish but you can see from my photos that I'm telling the truth.

Europe a la Carte

Sara DT said...

Hi Jo!
when I saw you signaled a blog on travels, I immediately clicked on it, because I'm dying for going on holiday, since I worked for the whole summer...:-(
I found the blog very interesting and well constructed: it is easy to find what you're looking for and the various links are useful to extend the search.
I think that when I finally decide to have a break form university, I'll certainly look up this blog. Thanks!