Wednesday, October 10, 2007

group f: laura

I decided to slot this picture because I really like it, above all because of its mellow light.
A part from it, I love looking up into the sky, observing its colours, in particular when I am lost in though or when I need to relax myself. I do not know exactly why I do it, probabily because it is a way to free our immagination or to travel with our mind....

Here are the web pages I frequently visit :
www.trenitalia. it

Actually, it is not an amusing web page but it is really useful if you have to travel by train. In fact, it provides data about the whole Italian train-timetable

of course, I think that everybody visits this sites in this period!

it is very useful if you want to plan your holiday...since I love travelling, I frequently visit it, hoping to find great opportunities to go around the world....


Valeria said...

Hi Laura!
I find the photograph you chose beautiful: I think that the sunset is a magic moment and in some days we can find really magic sunsets. Like you, I also like sea, I think that it is relaxing and it allows you to recharge your energy!

monica said...

Hi Laura, I really appreciate the photo you posted especially because it reminds me of my native town, Rovinj. In the summer I usually remain on the beach till evening so many times I enjoy watching the sunset together with my friends. When I'm alone with my mountain bike, returning back home from the beach, I use to stop near the sea and look up to the wonderful colours of the's the time when I really relax myself and free my mind of bad thought..
I agree with you about the lastminute site, I visit it frequently especially in this period as I have to plan my New Year's economic and it offers good oportunities to travel around..I suggest yu to visit also the hostelworld's very interesting especially for us young people..
bye bye

Elisa said...

Hi Laura,
there's no doubt this picture is really evocative, it reminds me my last holiday in England. I spent a month in Brighton, a wonderful seaside resort in the south. I had a great time there and I loved lying on the stony beach, which was very seems unbelievable but it is..well, i liked scanning the horizon, enjoying the steady breeze and hearing the seagulls many relaxing memories....

elenacarlet said...

Hi Laura!
what a beautiful picture you chose!I find sunsets the most magic and relaxing moment of the day.Five years ago, when I went to Chile I took a photo of a sunset and I sticked it on the wall in my, everytime I'm sad or I just want to imagine to come back to Chile I watch it and I feel fine immediately!