Monday, October 08, 2007

Group F: Monica F.

The sunflower is my favourite flower and this is why I chose this beautiful picture. As it is well-known this particular variety of flower needs sun to grow up and for this reason it appears in summer yellowing the landscape all around. Its strong yellow colour brings me joyfulness and vitality and I would like people, especially my closest friends to see me like a sunflower: I'm full of energy especially when the sun is shining above my head. When it's raining outside and I'm laying in my bed, quite upset because of the bad whether, I use to glance at the vase of sunflowers I have on the table in my room and start wandering about my next summer days. As you might have noticed I hate winter and I extremely love summer so that everythig reminding me of hot summer days makes me feel better...above all, sunflowers...

These are the websites that I most frequently use for different purposes.
The first is the one which has helped me since the first year of university when our English professor suggested us to visit it every time we need to know the meaning of a word. It's easy to use and gives different meanings of a word in different contexts.

I use wikipedia every time I need to know something abou a topic which I'm unfamiliar with. It gives simple explanation which are easy to remember so it's very efficient.

I often visit the hostelworld site because I like travelling and above all going to places where I can meet young people and share my experience with them. The first time I came in touch with this website was in May when, together with a friend of mine, I booked a hostel in London. We enjoyed our experience and met many young people from different countries whom I am still in contacts with. I suggest everybody to visit the site because among all it offers a great opportunity to travel around the world avoiding excessive costs.


Valeria said...

Hi Monica!
I like the photograph you chose to describe yourself, I think that sunflowers are symbol of sun, energy and summer. I also like this kind of flower and sometimes I bought some of them to adorn my house.

elenacarlet said...

Hi Monica!!!
what a wonderful picture you chose!
I love sunflowers too and they bring me joy everytime I watch them!! I found very interesting and funny the way you described yourself and as I know you,I think sunflower describes perfectly your mood and your character.Now unfortunately we are in Autumn and Winter is coming soon but I hope you won't be upset during all this season!! You have to find the good sides of these cold seasons;for example, try to think of the snow and the possibility to go skiing or ice skating!!