Monday, October 08, 2007

Group C: Letizia

This is Hawaii, a place I really hope to go to.
One of my greatest wishes is to go on holiday to a place like this, because I love to sunbathe and the sun in general and in a such beach I also can relax a lot....
One of my favourite hobby is going to the gym, I do jazzercise, I kind of aerobics: you do physical exercises at the rhythm of music. This sport is very relaxing because at the same time you have fun and make your mind free from your daily worries.
In my free time I use the computer to visite sites, search things I need or curiosities, even if I don't like computer so much. When it is so slowly to search a thing on the web I become very nervous, because I think it is wasted time...I don't have patience at all, I know it, unfortunately!!!
I don't visit many sites, but the one I go on to and I think it is the most useful is
I think on this site you can find whatever you want: hotels,places, books, poems, autobiographical information about authors, and so on. I visit it above all to search more specific information about writers I have to study for an exam. I also search on it many times hotels or places to go on holiday. I think it is a very interesting site, you can fin whatever kind of information you want. At a lesson of marketing avanzato I have learnt it is the most visited site in the world and it has become an economy business...
Another sites I can't no visit is those of the faculty and department of my university, and On them I can check the time of the lessons, the office-hours of my professors, when and where exams take place and the marks of the exams. They are very useful moreover for people who didn't live in Padua (like me, I come from Ferrara..) and can't come to the department every day to check if there are updatings.
As you can see I don't visit many sites, because, as I said before, I don't like computers very much...I think there are more important things to do than staying an entire day sitting in front of a computer, for example reading a good book, listening to the music, going on walking in the open air, or doing a voluntary service..I am a voluntary blood donor...
After having said these last things, I however am aware of the fact that computers nowadays are used if not daily, the larger part of our life, at the work the majority of people use a computer.... and so I have to learnt to be more patient with it!!!

That's all for the moment.



Silvia said...

Hi Letizia!
The photo you put on the blog is so beautiful..I also love this place and I hope to go there too! As you I also like doing sports because it makes you feel free from the problems of you daily life and relax your mind!
I agree with you in saying that sometimes sitting in front of the computer can be really boring but at the same time it can open your mind to new experiences! As regards the websites, I use the site of our faculty very often, as I come from outside Padua, too.
Bye! Silvia

Giada said...

Hi Letizia!
I enjoyed your presentation and your photo!Hawaii..wonderful islands..I would like to go there someday too!
I understand you when you say you don't like computers..I definitely have no patience at all and when my computer doesn't work or I have difficulties while surfing on the net I would turn it into other words I get really angry!
So you are bood doner,that is really honourably!I honestly admire you for your volunteering work: I'm little bit scared of needles and I think I could never and ever do something like lying on a bed with a needle on my, my compliments!
See you next week,

Giada said...

ehm sorry..I wrote "honourably" but I wanted to say "honourable" of course..

Zara said...

Nervous? Me too when using computers and stuff like that. Here in Padua I have a very slow connection which gets me nervous easily…in particular when there is a deadline to meet!
Anyway, if you see in that moment you can’t get anything useful from surfing the net or using the computer, just switch it off and go out for a walk. I think there are some situations in which we should give up what we are doing if causes irritation and change activity. I also think there are some days in which you are sort of an anti-technological person--- I mean there are some days, those unlucky, cursed days, in which you cannot touch a device unless it breaks down! Once, as I stepped the computer room, all the computers failed in the same moment…someone would say ‘ It was just a chance!’, but the same day I broke my hairdryer, and, as I touched an hi-fi, it mysteriously gave out! Ok, I think it was a very peculiar day because nothing similar happened again.
If you prefer sea, I prefer mountain. When I was younger I preferred going to the seaside because I liked sunbathing and swimming even if I can swim not so good. But for two years I climbing to the silent mountain surroundings where blue meets your eyes, smell of pine wood fills your nose and fresh air strikes your face. For this reason, when I’m free from any commitment I go with my friends and have a walk on the Matajur in the Valli del Natisone where I attended the high school that you can see through this link:

Camilla said...

Hi Letizia!
We really enjoyedreading your post but...unfortunately...the teacher told us to find mistakes so, here's what we've found:

This is a photo of Hawaii
...because I love sunbathing and the sun in general. In beaches like these I can relax a lot...
...because you can both have fun and free your mind from your daily worries.
even if I don't like computers so much.
When it is so slow / When it works so slowly
I don't have enough patience
I think that on this site
Moreover, I also search on it hotels or places to go on holiday.
At a marketing lesson I has become a business.
Other sites I need to visit very often are...
In this sites...timetables...the markes of them.
...most of all for people who don't live...

Hope this will you to improve your work.

Camilla and Elena

Zara said...

Hi Letizia!
I made some mistakes. It would be better:
-'if it causes us irritation';
-' for two years I go climbing...';
- where I attended high school should be in brackets.

Hope it helps to understand it better!