Thursday, October 11, 2007

Group G: alessia f.

photo by ievute_dan

Hello everybody! I’m alessia f. a member of the excellent group G. It’s an enormous pleasure to be here and share this experience with you all! This is my first time on a blog and I really hope it will be great.

This image. Guess what it is.
Yes, you’re right: it’s the heaven’s door. It put you in direct contact with happiness. Don’t try to withstand your desire: just bite it and be happy! Are you worried about your weight, spots and wonderful teeth? In this case you are definitely wrong! Life’s so short that the best thing you can do for yourself is just taking care of you. Your mood is the only important thing and chocolate is your treatment. Your world (made up of books, exams and boring professors) will immediately become colored and you’ll feel better in that very instant, so be responsible and eat as much as you can of it.
This image. You are probably wondering why. The reason is that chocolate has a lot to do with me and my personality. Firstly, it looks simple but gives you great sensations just like I do with the people I know. Secondly, most people cannot imagine life without chocolate and I hope that the people I know cannot imagine life without me as well. Thirdly, like chocolate I hope to make friends feeling better. Furthermore, one of the most important things for me is taking care of myself, especially of my inner life, and chocolate absolutely touches my soul with its delicious taste.

I think your appearance is your visit card so click on the first and second site and find accessories to improve your look. There are extremely beautiful products accessible to the most. Personalize your style and…have fun! Besides, I suggest a site I usually visit to cultivate my passion for cinema: a lot of information about actors, movies and previews are available.


elena s said...

Hi Alessia, how are you?
I understood you're CHOCOLATE ADDICTED! I also like chocolate especially the milk and the dark one. Life without chocolate would
not be the same! :) A friend of mine went to Livigno and brought me salad chocolate, what an experience...a strange taste,a mixture of sweet and salad. Try it!

Yes, you're right when you say that the best thing we can do is to care about us. I think there are many ways to do it; you can buy accessories and clothes to improve you look, your style and your spirit but I think there are also many other things: a walk in the mountains, meditation, to go for a run listening to your music, to stay with your family and your friends. These are the first things that came into my mind and that I do when I want to be happy and in peace with myself and the world.

Did you go to the Swarowsky shop here in Padua? I was in Via Roma yesterday night and I saw some guys that were looking at the door handle; it seems a big Swarowsky crystal! Funny! I came closer to the shop and looked at its windows full of different and curious crystals. If you like Swarowsky products go and have a look!
That's all for now.

Hoping to hear from you soon,



Eleonora said...

Hi Alessia!
I must say that as I looked at your picture I did not understand at once what it was about, maybe because I was more concentrated on the beautiful yellow flower than on the brown sweet around it… :-) But of course I completely agree with you about the incredible power of chocolate…it is unbelievable what this thing can do when you feel a little bit down! I like it especially in winter…in those cold and foggy days there is nothing better than a hot cup of chocolate with whipped cream. Anyway, I have always asked me a question without finding the answer to it: chocolate seems to have this effect only on women. Why??? Why are not men so addicted to sweets as women are??? Nature can be very strange sometimes… :-)
I also agree with you when you say that life is too short to worry about everything…sometimes it is just better to take it easy and do what you want without thinking too much about the consequences. It would be fantastic if the world always went like that, but unfortunately very often our choices have a great impact on ourselves and on the people around us…so we are usually deep influenced when we take our decisions.
I would like to thank you for the two nice websites about “fashion” that you put on your post..I will surely take them into account the next time I need to buy something :-)
As regards your third link, I often visit this page as well, since I like cinema very much and I am interesting in everything about new films, trailers, actors etc..I really think this is a cool website for everyone who loves movies.

See you soon,

Selena said...

Hi Alessia!

I must admit you succeeded in convincing me about chocolate’s innocuosness! Straight after I read your post I ate almost a bar of milk chocolate! If I find myself full of spots you’ll be responsible for it! :) I think you are an excellent promoter and I’m sure you could work in the field of advertising even if your dream work is probably something completely different.
I don’t usually eat much chocolate because I know it contains high levels of fat and sugar but I’m a firm believer that it has benefits to both body and mind and when I eat it I enjoy it immensely. When I’m preparing for the exams I tend to eat more chocolate because it helps me to concentrate and stimulate my mind. To relax, feel good and be happy there’s actually only a medicine: to stay with my family and with my friends.
I agree with you when you talk about appearance. I love doing shopping and especially buying clothes and accessories to improve my look. I think personal appearance is an important aspect which we have to take care of especially if we wish to work in the future in contact with people. I think a vital thing to get a job is giving a good impression to your prospective employer. The way you look is the first impression and first impressions really count! I think you should not only dress smart but also pay attention your hair is clean, healthy-looking and attractive. In any case, I think the most important thing is feeling at ease and being confident in yourself!

I hope to hear from you soon.

Lisa Belluco said...

Hi Alessia!
How are you? Have you spent a nice week end? I hope you did!
I was really impressed by the photo you chose: chocolate! When I read your post I recalled a trip I made in England, when I visited Cadbury's World. Do you know Cadbury chocolate? It's very good. Well, during that trip I felt like I was still 10 years old: there was chocolate everywhere, we could see every step of the production and taste different kind of chocolate. I recommend you to visit it if you go there, it's somewhere near Birmingham.
As far as your liks concern, I visited svarowski web site, it's really imteresting: I thought that there were only cristal object! But I found out that you can buy lovevy neclaces and jewels which are not very axpensive. Thanks for your tipp!
I'm planning to create a blog on cinema, since that a lot of people in our group are interested in films. I hope you will add up some ideas!
See you soon

Eleonora said...

Hi Alessia!
Thanks for your comment! First of all I will answer your question about traveling: fortunately I had the chance to visit pretty much of Europe…I was several times in England and Germany, then I was in Ireland, France, Spain, Czech Republic and Serbia. I also went to the Red Sea but that is the only place outside Europe I have visited, and I would definitely like to travel more to other continents, but as you know it is not to easy to find time and money to do it…
Let us talk about rugby now. This is quite a new passion for me so I must confess I am not so expert yet, I just like watching it and trying to understand the rules, which in my opinion are much more complicated than those of football. But I can tell you what impressed me so much about this sport: the so-called “third-half”. After every match there is usually a big party, which is organized by the team who hosts the match, and here both the players and the supporters of the two teams celebrate together. I really think this is a strong sign of loyalty and respect.
I cannot play tennis but I would love to learn, I find this sport is very interesting and nice, especially in summer or spring when you can play in the open air. And I also like athletics, it is a pity there is almost no information about it on TV…but fortunately I can follow it on the satellite.. :-)


ElisaS. said...

Hi Alessia,
so you are a chocolate addict!! Your picture reminded me of a chocolate factory i visited few years ago in Germany, you should go there if you'll have the possibility! Although i don't like chocolate that much i have to admitt that reading your description i felt something is missing in my life. It sounds to be exaggerated, in the end it is just chocolate, but it seems to have some magical healing properties. So let's everybody eat it!
See you later

Marta said...

Hi Alessia! We have just read your introduction and we found it very original! However, there is something we would like you to take into account to make it even better! In general, your style sounded a bit "too Italian", especially at the very beginning. Here are some suggestions..
- such an excellent group as "G" is
- heaven's door (no definite article)
- on that very moment (instead of "in that very instant")
- coloured= British; colored= American English..

We hope our suggestions will be useful to you!!

Marta and Sonia