Thursday, October 11, 2007

Group B: Sonia

photo by composer_8x
Hello everyone!

The reason why I chose this picture is probably self-apparent: I play the piano. Most pianists start playing at a very early age, but that simply wasn't the case with me. I started taking private piano lessons during my first year at University and I have been playing the piano for four years now, which isn't such a long period of time, however - pianists, and musicians in general, will understand what I mean. I must admit that it is sometimes difficult to combine music with university, but I try to do my best! Of course, playing requires quite a lot of time and continuous practice, but it is absolutely wonderful!

I love music, above all classical music; actually, I think music is amazing becuase of its extraordinary power of arousing the most diverse feelings and enabling people to relive moments that would otherwise be forever lost. Has it ever happened to you to take a trip down memory lane while listening to music? And have you ever noticed that when you're happy you usually end up playing, or listening to, a joyful piece of music, while when you feel sad you almost invariably opt for a very melancholy piece in a minor key? It is as if music attuned itself to our mood, and to our personality too.

I am a rather emotional person, one that would start crying while watching a film. Also, I am a passionate and sensitive person. Being quite introverted and reserved, I am not used to sharing my most secret thoughts with - or confiding my most intimate feelings to - whomever I meet, but I rather tend to unburden myself only with people I deeply trust. Yet, I am an accessible, tactful and reliable person; also, I am dependable and affectionate. Well, that's all, I think. Should you like to know something more about me, then you can read my resumé on FirstClass or simply write me!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all!



P.S. I would suggest that you visit these three websites:

Whilst you'll certainly know that wikipedia is an opensource encyclopedia in several languages, and that wordreference is an online dictionary, the first website may be new to you. Well, I invite you to visit it, because you can actually download a CAT-tool called Wordfast. And it's free! CAT-tools is an abbreviated form for Computer Assisted Translation Tools. I first heard of them last year during a conference on translation held in Padua. This year, then, I started using Wordfast in Vicenza, where I am attending a Master in Specialized Translation (English into Italian and vice versa). So, if you are interested in technology applied to languages, and translation in particular, please let me know!


Martina said...

Hi Sonia!
Reading your post, I was left speechless...How many thinghs are you doing?!You play the piano, you attend the specialistica at university and you're even attending a master course at the same time! All my compliments to you, really!:-) You're definitely a very interesting girl; I admire your effort and your passion for what you do. To tell the truth, I'm quite interested in translation too...I'll write my tesis on this topic. My project is to translate a work by a Spanish author from Spanish into Italian and then to write an introduction on the theory of translation. Since you're attending a master on translation, maybe you could help me, suggesting some helpful readings on the topic or some tools I can use. What do you think about? Could we share our experience as translators?
I look forward to ear you soon!

Have a nice week end!


ElenaCosta said...
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ElenaCosta said...

Hello Sonia!
I join Martina in praising you for doing so many things at the same time...and doing them well!
I have no talent for music, therefore I envy your skill with the piano, an instrument that has always fascinated me. This passion surely demands you plenty of time, but if you really enjoy playing, it is not a sacrifice spending some hours practising and realizing that step by step you are improving. Although I can't play but my doorbell, I am in love with music as you are, I constantly feel the need to hear the notes of the songs I like the most because they have the unbelievable power to free my mind and let the memories flow, reminding me the meaningful moments of my life...I've always thought a soundtrack should accompany us all the day through, attuning with our mood and feelings (like in the TV series!), don't you think so??
I would like to add that the devotion you show in everything you are committed in will enable you to success in whatever you will choose for your future!
Love from

Giovanna said...

Hi Sonia! It's amazing: you can do a lot of things at the same time. You must be very good at organising your daily activities! I agree with you when you say that there are different kinds of music that can express different emotions and feelings. Almost every important moment of my life has its own soundtrack. I'm interested in your translation activities and that is one of the things I would like to be able to do in the future...maybe it will be the subject of my final thesis. So if I need help I hope that you'll answer my questions on this matter!
See you!

Marta said...

Hi Sonia! I was really pleased to read that you play the piano because..I'm a violinist! I took my degree last year and now I'm working as violinist in two orchestras, besides giving private of the reasons why I went to London (as you can see in my presentation) was to teach music to some cute children! I do agree with you, music can arouse feelings as no other kind of art can do..As a professional violinist, I always get the impression that, even when a concert is over, its music can last forever, because it still lives in the audience you have just played for.. Music becomes part of your soul, so that whenever you feel sad or happy music always mirror your feelings.. I do think this blog will give us the chance to share emotions and ideas, maybe talking about Brahms, or Mozart, or bach (who, by the way, are my favourite composers..)! Finally, thank you for mentioning Wordfast, I think it is a really useful tool, especially for those who, like us, are involved in this "strange" but beautiful activity called translation! "See" you soon on the blog! Marta :-)

Sara DT said...

Hi Sonia!
I admire your passion for music. I love it too, but I never started learnig an instrument (except for the flute at the "scuola media"), because I always did many other things or sports so I didn't have the time. However many of my friends play in the band of my town and I always go to their concerts. I also played in the band for a year (in the drum session) and it was very amusing but also very hard in terms of time, so I had to left. I wish you that your career is longer, but I'm convinced that with your passion it will be so...

vale said...
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vale said...

Hi Sonia!
Your post is very well written..the only problem we found is punctuation..sentences are sometimes too long. You should make them shorter by using a different punctuation-have a careful look above all at the first paragraph.
Other problems refer to the choice of vocabulary:
-melancholy: here you have to use the adj and not the noun.
-to opt: here it's better to use the verb to choose.
-University/university: you must be coherent with the choice you make.University with capital letter usually refers to a specific one, for example University of Padua.
However we enjoyed reading your post!!Good luck for your future career as a pianist!!
Valentina Mioni and Laura Zoccarato