Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Group G - Eva


As I noticed I'm not the only one who has problems with Internet. Anyway, I apologise for being so late.
Bloggosphere is something I'm experiencing for the first time and I'm a bit disoriented.

As family life, children and religion are very important for me I tried to search for blogs on these topics. I found some personal blogs of different (happy) families, which are written as a diary. One of these is Dixon Seven.
On this blog you can find lots of pictures and numerous links to other blogs and sites useful for families. Well, to be honest I think there are too many links and you quickly loose yourself. The language is simple and informal but grammatically correct (which is not always a norm in many personal blogs).

blog I found -
quite different from the first one is Roman Catholic Blog. This one is much more organised: links are listed at the sides and the posts appear in the centre. The style is more formal and the vocabulary is richer. It's aim is to give the opportunity to people to exchange views and opinions on different Catholic issues and also to inform them.

So, I've chosen to describe these two blogs because of their diversity. Maybe you will find them interesting.

See you soon!



Lamericaana said...

Dear Eva,

You're also new to the course so I'm sure your group members will forgive you. This course is often technologically difficult for many people at the beginning, but you'll see - it'll all be easy and second nature for you by the end of this semester!


Selena said...

Hallo Eva!

I’ve just realized you are a new member of group G! I really happy that in our group there is an Erasmus student, too. You remind me of the amazing Erasmus experience I had two years ago at the University of Mainz in Germany. Since then I’ve always been attracted by people who have this experience. I find it amusing to hear and read about students’adventures! Moreover, I believe it will be particularly interesting to exchange our thoughts and opinions. I’m very curious to know you better!
I’ve had a look at the blogs you suggested to us. They are something completely different from what most of us chose...very interesting! As you do, I also love children and the idea to bring up a family, so that I found it very nice to read about them. The second blog is really well-organized, as you said. I’m not very fond of religion, but I think the blog is very appealing anyway. It contains many photos and videos about current issues which might also interest people who don’t believe.

I can’t wait to hear about you!

See you,

elena s said...

Hi Eva,
don't mention it! We forgive you! I read you're an Erasmus student... where do you come from? Germany? I'm not sure.
I went to the dixon seven blog. This pair make every effort to raise their children in a good and honest family environment. I looked at the pictures, lovely children! I admire them; apart from raising their kids (that it the most challenging and rawarding mission) they find the time to write on the blogsphere about their life! wow They are also very religious; there are passages from the Bible and a link to Bible study.
Well, if I have to be honest I think this blog is too fraught; there are many links and, as you wrote, you easily loose youself.
As regards the second blog it is really serious. This topic is new in our group and also in the course blog, I think. I read the article about Padre Pio's stigmata... wah...impressive... I will visit this blog again, I'm curious.
That's all for now,

hearing from you soon,