Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Group F: Monica

Hi everybody,

sorry for being late with this activity but unfortunately I had some problems.

Searching for blogs which might catch my attention I found the two below. I must admit it was not so simple to find out an interesting blog among billions of them. What's more, to be honest, I am not practical with blogs so this has been my first experience in the field.

  • http://www.gonomad.com/ this is the URL for the first blog. I found it interesting because I really like travelling and here one can get all the information he/she needs to plan a trip.
    I noticed that there are plenty of blogs about travelling but this one struck me most because of its title
    GoNOMAD. In fact you can see that there are a number of articles about alternative travelling so that one can avoid the simple sightseeing. This is exactly the way I prefer to travel because I hate the "monotonous" holiday camps often suggested by the tourist agencies. Better, they are not monotonous because the tour operators do their best in order to get people involved in many activities during their journey and they plan also a visiting tour around to let tourists discover something more about the country in which they are hosted. But, in my opnion, this is the kind of journey where you see and discover only what others want so you don't have the possibility to really get close to the people and places you visit, to get involved ina different culture.
Observation of the style: I noticed that this blog contains a lot of different things inside however, it is not difficult to follow because it is well-organized in different sections. The style is quite informative and there are various photos which catch readers' attention, some of them are particularly affascinating, www.gonomad.com/features/0608/jordan-images/Camp-fire-music.jpg. The language used is everyday language as most of the articles are people's recordings of their travelling.

  • http://greenfertility.blogspot.com/ this is the URL to the second blog I suggest you to visit. While I was searching for the tag "healthy food" I came up with this blog made by Marie Myung-Ok Lee. It doesn't contain just information about food rather it refers in general to the wellness of self and earth. The author selected a number of articles deriving from the BBC, the New York Time magazine, etc. Among them I appreciated more the articles about chocolate and starbucks. I like to spend my spare time reading articles about health and pollution and environmet, in general, because I often discover interesting matters refering to things I use and consume everyday, for example, in this case the chocolate. As I hate medicines and prefer natural remedies, I enjoy discovering the positive features of a particular kind of food, which may be fruit, vegetable or, as in this case, a sweet so that when I feel ill or just have some troubles I may resort to them.

Observation of the style: the language used in this blog is a more specific one as it contains articles from famous specialized magazines. However, the author's intoduction to the articles is presented in a quite informal style. There are not many pictures and videos inside the blog as I could see in many other blogs but, in my opinion, this does not make it boring. The principal aim of this blog is to inform: the autor put also many links she likes so that one can easily spread his/her knowledge about the topic cliking on them.

Hope you'll enjoy reading the two blogs.

Bye Bye


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Valeria said...

Hi Mony!
I really enjoyed visiting the two blogs you've suggested us. The first is interesting because, apart from giving information about travels - such as lowest airfares, rental car companies etc.- beautiful photos and articles are posted. I read the one about "Niger: a visit to the fortune teller" and I found it interesting because it is about a student that spend a semester abroad in Niger, with other two American students and a professor to meet a "zima", the fortune teller. Nice and strange experience! Did you read this article? Did you like it?
Then also the blog about wellnes and pollution is interesting,I think it is a little bit too technical but the articles posted are exhaustive and reliable. Like you, I also prefer to cure me with herbs or eating wealthy food. Now I am doing a cure based on different types of herbs to reinforce me. I think it is important, especially in the cold season, when we are more exposed to viruses and flu.