Friday, October 19, 2007

Group H: Claudia e-tivity 2

Wondering through various blogs about classical guitar I found a very funny one. It is the blog of a guitarist, and what amuse me is the list of good reasons for playing classical guitar! Oh... I was forgetting to say that I play the guitar too (classical guitar, I'm graduated at the Conservatory...), and I have always thought that one of the advantage of playing this marvellous instrument is that is really cheap! Even talking about a very good guitar (a concert guitar, like a Ramirez, or an Alhambra...) you can't spend as much money as you will spend for another instrument of the same value! So, I perfectly agree with some of the reasons he gives! Moreover it gaves me the opportunity to watch some videos of some of my favourite guitarist like Julian Bream or Andreas Segovia!
I don't like the lay out of this blog, it is a bit gloomy, and there are many videos of him; I think it would be more interesting to watch someone else playing...
The language he uses is formal, but never volgar and sometimes ironic!

Then I decided to search through something different, and I found an interesting blog of two avid readers, who give some review of the books they read. I like reading, and that's a useful blog for me, I could choose my next book just reading their review, now that I've finished my latest (and last, sigh) Harry Potter!
I really love the lay out of this blog! I mean, a blog about literature and books should be like this! Pale blue and white flowers all around... and the information are given in a very well organized way: you can see the cover of the book (remember: never judge a book by the cover!), then you can read a brief summary of the story, and finally you can see how many stars it has, according to the two authors of the blog.

I have never been very interesting in navigating blogs, but I enjoyed doing it! There are many things you can learn!


Marta T. said...

Hi Claudia!
I never see you during the lessons and i hope to see you soon!I like the fact that you play guitar, it seems you have a group? I'd like to see you playing.
I have to say that the first blog doesn't like me so much, because the layout is a little ugly and there are a lot of videos (although I sometimes listen to the artists of the videos) and very few words..don't get angry!
However,the second blog seems more interesting!! I like to read the reviews of the books. I think it is well-written and now I'd buy a book!
See u next week,

giovisperotto said...

Hi Claudia!
First of all, nice to meet you!
I've found your second blog really useful for someone like me who loves reading! Almost every week I have a different book laying on my bedside table! I'm sure I'm going to follow some of your blog's suggestions!
The blog is very clear and well-structured. Brief summaries, concise comments and the pictures of the cover help you to memorize it and easily finding at the bookshop!
I absolutely agree with you when you say that we don't have to judge a book by its cover..but I think that a eye-catching one helps better a reader to choose!
Hope to see you next week!

Roby said...

Hi Claudia! Welcome to group H!
Reading your post I discovered you’re graduated at the Conservatory and so I decided to surf Bwhalinblogspot. Even if I am not an expert, I really enjoyed to watch Jimi Hadrix’s performance (I have bought some his CD’s and it is always exciting listening to his music) and Trace Bundy’s version of “Sweet child O mind”. Unfortunately I do not share your passion but I tried to approach this world through this blog!
Of course, comments has been written with musical jargon but they are mostly comprehensible even to people like me! I really liked the humour video "If My Nose Was Running Money" by Aaron Wilburn…It reminded me our tv-programme Zeling! There are also photos, links, archives…everything which can help people to discover new things about the guitar and its world!
See you next week! Roby