Friday, October 19, 2007

Group H: Marina F. E-tivity 2

My trip around the blogosphere has been very interesting. The subject I chose was "cats" and I found two very curious blogs regarding them. The first one that really surprised me represents a huge world for these animals. Here you can find everything you can think of for your kitty: collars, jewelry, food, and also books about cats and a lot of photos! At the very first sight, this blog could seem a bit confusing, because it contains an innumerable quantity of links, but then it is easy to find what one is looking for, because they are all divided into groups belonging to what they deal with. To me it was unexpected to see how many things have been invented for our kitties! I would recommend this website to anyone curious about how many objects can be created for our little friends.

The second blog I've chosen it's worth a visit if you'd like to have a lot of fun with photos of cats! It is very different from the first one I've chosen because there are not so many links, but the photos are really funny, and, if you like cars, there is a link that brings you to some incredible cars. To tell the truth, what interested me were just the funny photos of the cats that were washed and shaved. Poor kitties! If you would like, there is also a link to help support health clinics for evacuees, although I did not succeeded to enter the website.

The first one has a photo at the bottom with a cat at the window and the message "Please come back soon" which adds something warm to the blog, and I think it is good to invite the users to a second visit.

I found these two blogs interesting for different reasons, but there are a huge number of other great blogs to visit about cats and their curious life!


giovisperotto said...

Hi Marina!
First of all, nice to meet you!
You are right when you say that Stonehenge is worth to visit. I've never been there but I hope to visit that magic and mysterious place as soon as possible.
As far as your blogs are concerned, I state in advance that I'm not fond of pets as you are, probably because I've never used to have one. But I can understand people who have them and treat them as members of the family.
I found the photos very amazing and tender. strange is the photo of the turtle with two head?!Poor little turtle!
Another thing..I really hate frogs! They are disgusting..when see one I begin screaming and crying! It's true!
Hope to see you next week!

Marta T. said...

Hi Marina!
What beautiful blogs!
What beautiful animals!
I love cats, I have one, her name is Lulu. I think that the second blog is more scientific than the first one, I see animals doing things as play football, a little bit bizzarre, don't you think? Remember to leave a comment on blogroll > group H, you should leave your name and the URL of your blog.

Claudia said...

Hi Marina,

I really enjoyed your two blogs, the first is quite useful if you have any cat, but the second is surely enjoyable if you like animal!
I like those strange photos of animals, and I agree with Giovanna, the photo of the turtle is realling amazing!