Monday, October 08, 2007

Group H: Giovanna Sperotto

Photo by Tiemelijn

Hi everyone!
I’m Giovanna and I will be one of your peers during this “bloggingenglish” year together.
I post this photo, which represents the façade of Casa Battlò that is for me the most resounding work built by Antonì Gaudi in Barcelona.
I’ve just come back from an intense year studying in that wonderful city thanks to the Erasmus program and I still miss its colours, its people, its perfumes, its sun and its dynamic and cosmopolitan life.
Actually I came back two months ago, but it seems to me like I had never left it.
It has been such a magic and fairy experience (like the façade of this house is!!!), that surely I will bring into my heart forever.

I add these three useful websites. Actually only the first two are useful in my opinion; the third is just to have fun, but sometimes also to learn something. Do you know that Berkley decided to put some of its lectures in the net, and you can watch them through You Tube?

The first one is indispensable for those of you who are preparing a journey. It works like a forum, where a lot of people who love travelling are ready to provide you advice and information even about the most hidden place of the earth. Whenever I have to leave, I always have a look at this link. I’m sure I will discover something it will turn out necessary.

The second one was essential for my life in Barcelona and I’m sure it may be essential even for those of you who are going to visit that city. You can find all the information you need. From what you can visit to what you have absolutely to eat, from where you might go dancing to what you have to buy.

The third one it’s just for the free moments, when you just lay on the sofa doing anything. This is the right moment (instead of sleeping!) to have a look at what happens around you and miles from you, and why not, also to learn English. Why do not try to “attend” a lecture of Berkley?


Marta T. said...

Hi Giovanna!
You write a lot of things! Do you know that I was in Barcelona some years ago? I also love Gaudi, I think he was one of the best artist in the world... Thank you for giving the name of websites usefull for travelling, xmas holidays are here and I'd like to make a travel.
May be the hour will change, hope to see you on Monday.

Roby said...

Hi Giovanna!
When I read your post, I thought of those friends of mine who, like you, have spent some time of their life in Barcelona. Even if the reasons of their stay were very different, everyone of them came back home with a strong deside to go back there!..Probably there is something magic in its atmosphere!! I think that living abroad, for few weeks or for years, is an experience that one brings in his heart for all his life!!
In the future I hope to have the opportunity to work in a foreign country too!
I had a look at your web-sites..They are full of useful information and good advice to have a nice stay in Barcelona!!
See you in the afternoon!

Giada said...

Hi Giovanna,
we really enjoyed reading your presentation but we were asked to look for mistakes and that is what we found:
1. In the first paragraph you wrote "I post this..." and we think it woud be better to use a past tense (I published..I posted..)

2."I’ve just come back from an intense year studying in that wonderful city" you have to use this instaed of that because you are speaking about Barcellona that you have just mentioned.
Claudia and Giada