Monday, October 08, 2007

Group I - Anna

As an image that says something about myself I chose this one: link. It shows a view of St. James Park in London, with a piece of Buckingham Palace in the back. This picture represents symbolically the past year that I spent in Erasmus in England, attending the University of Leicester. I love nature and green places, and it's my belief that one of the greatest things you can find in Great Britain are parks! I've loved spending time in these peaceful and regenerating places! Unluckily the weather is not very helpful, as it rains so often, but it is also responsible for the unique colour of the grass, so you cannot actually hate it! :-)

A Website I personally find very interesting is the online page of the magazine Internazionale: link1. There you can find news from all around the world, written by very authoritative people. A section that I find peculiar is the horoscope. I personally do not believe in such things, but this magazine proposes little but very interesting anecdotes taken by books or everyday happenings as an introduction for every sign of the zodiac. I have a good time reading not only my sign, but all of them! Go and have a look: you'll be captured!

Another website I use very often is Wikipedia: link2. When I first discovered it, it was like a brand new world full of opportunities was opening in front of me. As I'm a person with a lot of curiosity about things, this is a fantastic site where to find out about all kinds of things. Sometimes I find myself wondering about topics or people or objects or words I don't know much about, and in Wikipedia I can find most of the times the answer to my questions! I try to be critical about its contents though, as it is a free enciclopedia and everybody can publish, but I consider it a very useful tool anyway.


Alesssia L. said...

Hi Anna!
I really like your image because I'm fascinated by parks too!I consider them as peaceful little islands far away from the city traffic...there you have the chance to "take refuge" from the noise and worries of everyday life and to be alone with your own thoughts. Unfortunately, I have been in London only once in my life for a rather short period of time (WHAT A SHAME!!!!!) but as far as I could see, British parks are nothing compared to our parks here in Italy...they are simply awesome!Well...I think I should go back there again sooner or later...

Reading your post I realised that Wikipedia is one of your favourite it is for me!I know that we should not take all the pieces of information as gospel truth but this encyclopedia is simply perfect to satisfy your curiosity about something you won't be able to find in a simple dictionary!

Finally, I also had a look at the online "Internazionale" and I found it a very useful tool. Reading a newspaper or a magazine online is amazing even though I prefer to read a "physical" newspaper since I find online reading pretty tiring after a bit...ICT are extremely important in our lives (that cannot be denied) but sometimes I'm afraid that they could have the potential to substitute EVERYTHING, even ourselves in the near or distant future (what a pessimistic scenario I've depicted)...

That's all for the moment...I'm looking forward to receiving your comment on my post!

Bye Bye


Davide said...

Hi Anna...we think your post is too long and the average internet surfer may not get to the end of it. You should have been more concise. We have some corrections to suggest: the way you wrote the word "enciclopedia" was incorrect:the corretct form is encyclopaedia.In the first sentence you should have put the subject at the beginning as "I chose this picture as an image that says something about myself". "...the past year that I spent in Erasmus", you should have written "the year I spent etc". With your version you are talking about last year. Ok, our time it's over! Bye!