Friday, October 19, 2007

Group H: Roby E-tivity 2

I am not an exception…I spent a good deal of time to find something which interested me and even when I realised what I wanted to look for I had some problems: when you put key-words or tags into the search engine (as when you use, for example Google), the blogs retrieved are not always what you need or want…so I had to write different queries. After many attempts, here you are the blogs I chose!
  • Tag: Interior design.
    Url: -
    There were two blogs which struck me for their looking more web-sites than blogs. In them people share images, photos, ideas, news about interior design and whatever is creative or artistic.
    There are very many beautiful photos and external links. By the sides of their pages you can find archives, previous posts, blogs read by the authors, interesting interviews and many other information. The persons who decide to participate to these blogs, in general write few lines and send photos stating the source (e.g. magazines, book or website), contributing in this way to develop a close net of external references.
    There are updated daily.
    Of course there are a lot of descriptions written in formal but simple way, full of adjectives and nouns. Reading them should be useful for those who want to increase their English vocabulary and to improve the way to describe spaces, furniture...
  • Tag: Living in Italy.
    Url: -
    Here again, I suggest you to visit two blogs. I chose those write by people from other countries who have moved to Italy for different reasons because I think it is interesting to read about us and our "Bel Paese" through others' eyes. Each blog reflects, of course, its author’s experience and the topics range from recipes to travel, personal thoughts…Some insert many photos related to the different topics, others prefer only writing…it is a matter of personality.
    These blogs have the typical characteristics of a personal diary. In general every new post has its own title and the content is divided into paragraphs. In these blogs, the style is quite smooth, polite and colloquial; there is not slang or vulgarism; punctuation is normally used, with no abuse of question or exclamation marks, dots which are generally used widely in such type of blogs.


Marta T. said...

Hi Roberta! First of all thank you for your sms, in which you say that we have other members in our group..
I saw your blogs and I like the blog of johnandluisa, it is very fun the way in which people of other countries see Italy. The post of bidet was very fun! I think that only here in Italy the bidet exists..

giovisperotto said...

Hi Roby!
I'm very pleased that you find so interesting the blog about sushi..I hope it will be helpful for your next experiments!
I agree with Marta when she says that you had an original idea searching blogs of foregneirs who live in's really interesting knowing what they think of Italy and Italians!
I read the post about bidets and that about italian hospital..a new reading of certain things is absolutely amazing!
See you next week!

Claudia said...

Hi Roberta!

the blogs you've chosen are really orgignal!
what interesting topics you chose!
I enjoyed reading about Italy! In the second one (karenuccia), there are many photos, and it is true thoey are a kind of diary... have you notice the babystrology about her pregnancy? what a cute idea!
see you next week!