Friday, October 19, 2007

Group I - Anna - e-tivity 2

Hi everybody.
I have to admit it was pretty tough and took me quite a lot of time to find out which blogs to choose for this week e-tivity, as there where so many I actually find myself 'drunk' of blogs. :-D

Anyway, if you are a convinced movie fan, I would like to suggest you to go and visit the
Movie Reviews and DVD Reviews for the Film Fanatic blog. I personally really enjoy watching a good movie (who doesn't?!?), and I often realize that, during the show, I tend to put myself in the shoes of the characters: it's like entering inside what's happening in the screen. I also love to share opinions and criticism about a movie and its characteristics: you can actually understand quite a lot about a person from the movies he/she likes the most.

Besides, I always find myself in trouble when I want to choose which movie to rent or go watching to the cinema. That's because the only tip you can rely on is the summary of the plot, which is made with the aim to attract and convince you to go and watch it. So I prefer to be adviced by friends who have already seen the movie, or go and read reviews. This blog offers a wide range of reviews and comments on movies, so... enjoy!

Another blog I found interesting is about Social Issues and Political Commentary. As it is written in the introduction, it is: A bimonthly magazine seeking to provide "daily news for the skeptical citizen" through investigative journalism covering the corporate world, the government, and the mainstream media. I like keep myself informed about news and happenings from all around the world, and I consider a good thing not to rely only on one source, but to seek for comparisons and discussions about actual facts. Have a look, then, and tell what you think!

Considering the style and language that characterise the blogosphere I noticed they are generally colloquial and sometimes talking-like. The impression I got was that writers were more interested in conveying the message in the most effective way, than respecting grammar and style-formality.

I noticed that generally the structure of blogs consists of quite little pieces of information, well divided and normally characterised by links or words in bold. So, the structure shows the need to catch the users attention and the difficulty to keep it for a long time.

Hoping you've enjoyed my post...
See you soon!


Elena B said...

Hi Anna,
I really appreciated your suggestions about the blogs you chose. Talking about the first one, I'm not very fond of movies or cinema but it's true that whenever I have to choose which movie to rent or which movie to see at the cinema I'm always puzzled. Finally, my friends or my boyfriend always choose for me and I am forsed to see thriller movies! I think I will visit Movie Review's blog the next time I will be in trouble with such things. I read a post about Oil Iraqi agreement in the second blog that you have mentioned. I think it was quite detailed and exhaustive. I generally read news on the BBC web site or the Times web sithe but i think I will have a look at this blog too sometimes.
Thanks! Bye!

Alesssia L. said...

Dear Anna!

I visisted the first blog you suggested and I found it really interesting and useful. As you said in your post, reading reliable movie reviews may help you with the choice of the film. I'm cinema-addicted too and as far as my experience is concerned, I have to admit that titles and trailers may also be misleading, whereas film-reviews are much more useful and reliable!
I read the reviews of "Eyes Wide Shut" and that of "A Clockwork Orange" and I realised thet they opened new perspective on the movies and helped me to understand them a bit better.

Of course "official" blogs which offer book or film reviews written by critics are different compared to the blog of a person who periodically post comments on the movies he or she has recently seen. No matters how good these reviews are, they are usually considered less authoritative.
Unlike private blogs, "official" blogs do not deal with personal issues or experiences and therefore the language is much more formal even though not always academic.

As far as your final comments is concerned, I perfectly agree with you. In the blogsphere -and in any other electronic environment- people are extremely concerned with the problem of catching the reader's attention . A part from the content, which of course should be interesting and stimulating, the layout and the structure of the web page is fundamental too.

That's all

Bye bye


Alesssia L. said...

Sorry, I found a spelling mistake in my previous comment "no matter" instead of "no matters"...maybe there are other mistakes too but it's quite difficult to see them in one own's work!

Bye :-)