Thursday, October 18, 2007

Group I: Alessia L. (e-tivity 2)

Hi everybody!
I really love books and at the moment I'm busy reading lots of English novels written during and after the British imperialism. For that reason, I decided to look for bloggers who share this passion or at least who share the interest for English literature in general by putting the word "literature" as a tag.

I found the blog of a girl who reads a lot and mainly likes to post reviews of the books she's read but also about bits and pieces of her everyday life... (A Lady's Diversions blog)
First of all I think that the name she chose for her blog is really gives you the idea that you will have the chance to explore all the things that girls do to entertain themselves (a bit feminist perhaps:-)).
I liked her blog because I think that it enables the other bloggers to know lots of aspects of her personality.

The language she uses to post her favourite books' reviews is rather formal but in the other posts the style is much more colloquial.

Then I decided to try with the keyword "travels" and I found a really interesting blog written by a Canadian girl who works at the sea and has therefore the chance to travel a lot and spend whole months away from home! (the travels of Stacey)
I found the format of her blog really clear and tidy. On the left side, you can find all her posts whereas on the right her profile, her favourite blogs and all the other salient things about her. I had a look at some of her most recent posts and I realised that they are not very long but they are full of pictures narrating her adventures (she travels a lot and of course she also has the possibility to write interesting posts)!!!

I noticed that she used a colloquial but tidy style and that sentences are pretty short so that the messages are easily readable.
I think that photos make blogs much more enjoyable but we should also consider that some users may have problems with the downloading.

I noticed that there's the possibility to choose a blog as one of your favourites. If you do so, you will be added to the “fans” of that particular blog. Moreover, beside each blog, there’s a percentage expressing the authority of that blog. Probably this is a feature of all the websites that enables you to create your own blog.
That's all for the moment,I'm looking forward to reading you comments
Bye bye

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