Thursday, October 18, 2007

group K Caroline e-tivity 2

Hi everyone...

After a lot of struggling with Technorati I finally managed to figure out some very useful blogs....or at least they're interesting regarding my interests!!!

The first one is about travel. I guess all of you like to travel, right?! You should have a look at this blog. It's amazing!!! Honestly, I had no idea there would be a travel-blog in such an extensive manner. I guess you can find any destination in the whole world on that blog and people's comments!! I will have a look at it more often from now on. Even if I'm a poor student with not enough money to travel far...I can still be dreaming, don't I?! As far as the language is concerned, I must say that the comments differ a lot one from another. There might be someone who is really explaining very much in detail, starting by telling the air company, hotel name, what he/she had for breakfast etc. And on the other hand, there are people that seem to have accidently happened to post a comment writing just two or three sentences.

The second blog I found interesting is about recipes. I don't know about you, but I often come home and do not know what to eat or cook. I'm not very inventive in the kitchen and so I always eat the same things over and over again. It's so boring! But now, I found this funny blog where people exchange simple recipes or just comment on recipes they found on the blog.
And there's nothing complicated about the recipes. It's just like..."How do you eat your salad?"...and "I had a tasty one last night for dinner. endive, avocado, walnuts, pepperoni bits, cherry tomatoes and simple dressing." (I might try this one!)
The language is quite simple. Of course, in the recipes you find a lot of imperative verbs and very detailed steps. So the recipes posted are long but the comments are rather short including many ellipsisses.

I hope you'll enjoy visiting the blogs I chose...


lau zock said...

Hi Caroline!
I really enjoyed visiting the blogs you chose and the one I liked more is that about recipes.
I think that this blog can be useful for me first of all because I love cooking (and eating as well!!!) any kind of food, especially when I invite some friends for dinner or when I eat together with my family…what fun!
Did you take a look at the ‘quick lunch ideas’? This section deals with recipes of snacks, salads, cakes…it’s the ideal for students or singles who are alone and have no wish to prepare anything elaborate!
I think I could put some recipes of mine on the blog in order to give and to follow others’ advice!
Moreover, I agree with you…the structure and the language of this blog is simple and clear…You made a good choice!
See you,

Nina said...

Hi Caroline!
I have to thank you for your post, really! First of all, you put those two other topics that I've been searching for when I was 'blogosphering' and just didn't find anything so interesting to share. You did, great, it' perfect! I'm having so much fun right now clicking and reading in the food blog. It is so interesting how much there is to read. First thing I clicked on was the food politics discussion. I was quite ipressed that even on such blogs they discuss these heavy topics. It's very nice to read though. Then I clicked on a discussion about rice. I have to say, I find it quite incredible how much people can write and share just about rice, how they like it, what can you do with it, all these different perspectives on rice, etc. etc. I think it is just so funny, I love it. And I love reading posts from people that love food as much as I do:)

The second blog was also a pleasure to read and search through. I was looking through some places that I visited and seeing all the pictures, reading the comments, it really makes me want to come back (especially Tanzania:) oh well, maybe dreaming about it is enough for now, you are right!

So thanks again for sharing these new exciting parts of the blogosphere! see ya, ciao

enrico stanic said...

Hey Caroline,
the blog you found about travel is so great! I mean it, I've just managed to get myself off from that blog, it's amazing to read about all those places and see the pictures too, and there's just so many people writing about the places they've been and stuff, I really liked it. The travel-log I liked best is the one of a guy going all the way from Australia to Scotland via Indonesia, China Russia, Eastern Europe, Mediterranean Europe. A-m-a-z-i-n-g. When I saw he was in Dubrovnik while travelling through Croatia, well, I got pretty sad and nostalgic. I was in Dubrovnik myself the summer before this last one, and it's such a fantastic city, anybody who's into travelling really ought to go see it sooner or later and no mistake. Ah, memories...